Boy has Strange and Unpleasant Adventure in Parking Lot

A reader writes:

i was already having a bad day for various reasons and had a very angry look on my face all day.

in line to get some brews, the cashier tells me i need a mask to shop at the store and i say i have a health condition and they are like oh ok.

the guy in front of me, who is like in his 50’s and looks like he is going blind, is like ‘what condition do you have’ and i’m like ‘i don’t need to tell you dude’ and he was like ‘just trying to make small talk’ and i say ‘i don’t feel like talking’

anyways i am walking back to my car that was parked really far away cause all the stores randomly decided to be closed today when the old man from the store pulls his car up to me walking with his window down and starts saying shit like ‘you think you are above the rules’ ‘you think the rules don’t apply to you’ and shit like that and i’m like leave me alone dude and he kept going so then i exploded and started yelling at full volume with a lot of swearing telling him to fuck off, get the fuck away from me, stop fucking harassing me, are you trying to hit me with your fucking car, etc. his little fat kid is in the front seat beside him and he is like ‘why are you swearing in front of my kid’ which i reply with my yell ‘if you don’t want him to hear it, get the fuck away from me’.

he follows me for a solid two minutes through the empty parking lot and i keep telling him to leave me along and stop following me and shit.

eventually i pull out my phone and tell him i am gonna start recording and that i’m gonna file a police report on him, he talks a bit more shit but on video i say 2 times very calmly with a solid 5 seconds in-between each, ‘please stop harassing me and leave me alone’ and once he realized how bad he looked on camera he drove off.

was actually insane tho, who do these people think they are? why is some old dude trying to start a fight with me with his little kid in the car with me? what if i was a crazy guy and just shot him or something when he wouldn’t leave me alone?

the world is going crazy and this mask thing is really just to cause stupid confrontations like this, but honestly it’s unreal.


That’s nuts.