Bowing to His Masters, Nick Cannon Calls Jews “Magnificent People,” Doesn’t Apologize for Calling Whites Savages

Nick Cannon wants to talk big about how he’s a god, meant to rule over whites, but as soon as the Jews threaten him, he starts groveling like a nigger begging his master to go easy on him.

Cannon did an interview with Professor Griff wherein he called whites “savages” and “beasts,” and suggested that they were subhuman. He also said Jews control the media and banks.

One of those things is factually accurate and you’re not allowed to say it. The other is stupid gibberish that gets promoted.

A couple of people called him out for apologizing to Jews and not whites.

Honestly, I don’t care what he says about whites. In fact, people like Jack Posobiec asking for an apology really just muddies the waters here, reinforcing the idea that it is important for people to apologize after saying mean things. We actually want to do away with that concept completely, not be another group that demands apologies.

It doesn’t bother me, personally, in any way that a prehistoric ape has a low opinion of me. I’ve got 99 problems, but black people thinking they’re gods is not one of those problems.

The issue here is not that he didn’t apologize to whites, it’s that he did apologize to Jews.

This really blows wide open this entire hoax relating to the oppression of blacks. They’re allowed to sit there and attack whites, who are the most powerless and downtrodden people in society, but if they mention the single richest and most powerful group of people on earth, they have to go groveling and begging for forgiveness.

These blacks want to go around acting all big and bad, but they’ll bow down and beg the Jews.

It’s all so very fake.

I want to do a celebrity boxing match with Nick Cannon.

Get at me, you little pussy faggot.