Bouncy Castles Kill More Children Than Covid

This brings a whole new meaning to “Bowser’s Castle of Doom.”

According to my research, the reason bouncy castles are so much more dangerous than Covid is that bouncy castles actually exist, whereas Covid is a viral internet hoax.


A sixth child has died in hospital after a bouncy castle was lifted into the air at a school event in Australia late last week, police said Sunday.

The 11-year-old boy, Chace Harrison, “passed away in hospital this afternoon,” Tasmania Police Commissioner, Darren Hine, said in a statement.

“Our thoughts continue to be with his family, and the families and loved ones of all the children involved, during what is an incomprehensibly difficult time,” Hine added.

The boy was one of nine children who fell 32 feet (10 meters) from a bouncy castle that was lifted by wind during an end-of-year event at Hillcrest Primary School in Devonport, on the northern coast of the state of Tasmania.

In total, six children died in the tragedy. Two children remain in critical condition in hospital, while another is recovering at home, police added.

Anyway, it’s all white kids, so who cares?

If they hadn’t been killed by a bouncy castle, they would have just been run over by a sentient car.