Both Right and Left are More Dissatisfied Than They Ever Have Been

Traitorous Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell claimed on Tuesday that there will be an orderly transfer of power into the hands of the usurper Joe Biden, POLITICO reports.

He made these statements in response to questions about the General Services Administration, which is responsible for the process of transferring power to a new president, delaying that process.

At a press conference, a reporter questioned McConnell as to why the GSA had not launched the official process. McConnell answered that the process was being held up by Trump’s court battles, but claimed “all of this will happen right on time and we’ll swear in the next administration on Jan. 20.”

“We’re going to have an orderly transfer from this administration to the next one,” McConnell falsely claimed. “What we all say about it is, frankly, irrelevant.”

McConnell’s false statements come after the decision by the head of the GSA, Emily Murphy, to refuse to certify Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election. The Jewish media has falsely claimed that Biden won the election, despite it being obvious to virtually everyone that the election was a fraud.

Joe Biden’s gang of criminals, brown people and Jews are claiming that they have a right to begin communicating with federal agencies and planning out their rulership, which the GSA decision prevents. Thus far, Biden has presented no evidence of the false conspiracy theory that he won the election.

Traitors within the Republican Party continue to embrace this conspiracy theory, and will need to be punished as a result if and when President Trump secures his second term in office.

Among those who recently sunk the knife into Trump’s back was Ohio’s Governor Maskface, also known as Mike DeWine. DeWine falsely claimed that Biden had won the presidency.

While traitors abound within the government, Republican voters across the board are lashing out. They are projecting their rage as much at the traitor Republicans as they are at the fraud-mongering Democrats.

Trouble in Paradise

Despite falsely claiming to have won the 2020 presidential election, Democrats are in disarray.

The Jewish Senate leader Chuck Schumer is being attacked by his fellows over the failure of the Democrats to win the Senate, something that would be necessary if they hope to use the senile coot Joe Biden to push through their radical communist agenda.

According to The Hill, the odious Jew Schumer is “in listening mode as colleagues are venting their disappointment” on conference calls. He has scheduled many of these calls so that other Democrat Senators can call and complain.

In Florida, where mail-in ballot fraud was not enough to stem the tide of rising support for the Trump agenda, Democrats are completely dejected after the massive defeat.

According to POLITICO, Florida’s Democrats saw election day as “a tipping point in a long, painful buildup to irrelevancy.”

Hilariously, the left-wing of the party is being blamed for the disaster. In particular, the push for socialism is seen as rubbing a lot of people the wrong way.

State Senator Jason Pizzo, in a widely publicized interview, said: “I’m not a fucking socialist. My life is a manifestation of the American dream. I believe in free markets.”

Clearly, it is much too late to walk back the socialist agenda of the Democrats, as this is the way they’ve hard-branded their party. The only remaining option is to either force people to accept socialism, or simply replace the population with brown people who are into socialism.

The Greatest Discontent America has Ever Seen

Everyone appears to be facing a reckoning.

With both the right and left extremely dissatisfied, if Joe Biden does assume office as president, he will be facing the angriest and most cynical population that America has ever seen. This is likely to make it very difficult for him to get anything done, and he will be forced to rely heavily on brutal authoritarianism simply to control the population.

Every empire becomes tyrannical in its last days, and it is more than obvious that we are now witnessing the last days of the American empire.

At the very least, things are going to be very interesting.