Boston: White Retards Who Know Nothing of Negroes Block Traffic to Stop Racist Cars

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 16, 2015


Are you getting sick of this yet?

Boston Globe:

Protesters affiliated with the activist group Black Lives Matter carried out their most audacious and disruptive demonstration yet in the Boston area Thursday, blocking the largest highway into the city, snarling rush-hour traffic, and stopping an ambulance in its tracks.

In a pair of coordinated surprise actions that angered commuters, the protesters formed human barricades on Interstate 93 north of the city in Medford, and south, in Milton. Some put barrels filled with concrete on the highway and chained themselves to them. Twenty-nine protesters were arrested.

“There cannot be any tolerance for this,” said Colonel Timothy Alben, superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police. At a morning news conference, Alben blamed protesters for “endangering people’s lives” and delaying ambulances rushing to hospitals.

“There was no place to go,” said Scott Cluett, operations manager of EasCare Ambulance, who said the ambulance heading to MGH was delayed about 20 minutes.

The Blacks involved in these protests are literally so stupid they are totally incapable of grasping the reality that they are totally dependent on us for survival.  They are also too stupid to know that they don’t actually have any demands, and are thus doing nothing but angering their White benefactors who are collectively getting more and more fed-up with the endless whining.

Besides the guy in the bottom right-hand side, they all appear White to me.  Maybe female on the far-left is a Jew, but I doubt it.
Besides the guy in the bottom right-hand side, they all appear White to me. Maybe female on the far-left is a Jew, but I doubt it.
Some Negroes were apparently involved...
Some Negroes were apparently involved…
...but it looks like White dudes masterminded the event.
…but it looks like White dudes masterminded the event.

But what is the deal with the Whites, such as here?

Well, I can just go ahead and explain that.

Put simply, it is the lack of religion.

White people, because of our particular communal evolutionary development, have a strong sense of guilt, and there must be an outlet for this guilt.  It used to be you look at some teenage girl’s calf when she kneels down to milk the cow and you go to the Priest and ask forgiveness for your naughty thoughts and light some candles and say some prayers and God forgives you.

Now there is no Priest, there isn’t even a God, and if you aren’t embracing your naughty thoughts and masturbating 12 times a day you must have some form of psychosis or neurosis or pathology or condition or some other such thing – but the psychological framework of guilt and repentance is still there.  So, you get scared when you see a big gorilla-looking Negro coming at you on the sidewalk and switch to the other side of the street, and then you must go to the highway and block traffic in order to repent of your naughty thoughts about the holy African.

Seriously.  Christianity didn’t just show up.  It was a system specifically designed for us to process our spiritual and psychological drives in a generally healthy – at least not destructive or bizarre – manner.  This can all be explained scientifically.  But no one is interested in that anymore, so instead we have a bunch of confused idiots repenting of their fear and loathing of the Negro by stopping ambulances.

That is the male version. The female version is different, because they don’t experience guilt in the same way as men, as it wasn’t required for the type of social interactions they evolved to engage in.

I wrote a piece the other day about my feelings on White women’s emotions toward Negroes, though I must admit it could indeed be completely wrong from beginning to end as I have no real understanding of women.

Never, ever take any man seriously if he tell you he understands women. He is either a con-artist or an idiot.

Repent, ye man, for the days of our greatest troubles are quickly upon us.

No.  You're doing it wrong.
No. You’re doing it wrong.