Boston Teens Refuse to Wear Masks on Plane, American Airlines Cancels Flight

It looks like the no-maskers were diverse, but whatever.

I support anyone who refuses masks for any reason.

If everyone was refusing, this virus hoax would not work. The only way this is possible is that so many people go along with it.

New York Post:

What a bunch of maskholes.

A group of more than 30 teens from Boston refused to wear face masks on a plane to the Bahamas on Monday — forcing American Airlines to cancel the flight.

“It was bad. First, they were yelling. They were cursing. They were being very obnoxious,” witness Malik Banks told WSOC-TV.

American Airlines Flight 893 was set to depart Charlotte at 9:30 a.m. Monday when a mechanical issue forced flyers to switch planes. The high school students began acting up after boarding the second jet, WSOC-TV reported.

These people in the video are unbelievable.

Malik doesn’t even have his nose covered.

Big old nose holes, size of a normal man’s mouth, spewing out that virus. Gonna kill everyone.

“It wasn’t all of them,” Banks recounted. “I would say 75 percent to 80 percent of them were being terrible kids, saying smart stuff.”

The flight was then canceled altogether. American Airlines acknowledged the incident and said the trip was delayed until Tuesday, the station reported.

All they had to do was follow the rules, put the mask on, sit there. No smart-mouth comments,” another ticked-off passenger Christina Randolph. “And they couldn’t do it.”

Adults stranded as a result of the shenanigans received hotel vouchers — but age rules for hotel bookings forced the teens to spend an uncomfortable night at the airport.

All you have to do is follow the rules, put the mask on, sit there.

I couldn’t find the original video of the kids on the plane.

But when I was searching “Boston masks,” I found this video of a Jew woman shilling masks on February 1, 2020.

You’ll remember that was when Lord Fauci was still saying not to wear masks.

How do Jews know to start shilling before they’re even told what to shill?