Boston Honors College Scraps Traditional Liberal Curriculum, Replaces It with Shitlib Brainwashing

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 18, 2018

Who could be better qualified to teach young people about life, philosophy and human realities?

The liberal arts used to be based on ancient and medieval traditions, for the purpose of forming bright, charismatic young men into the leaders of their generation.

This involved teaching them about their history, their roots and traditions, as well as the skills and knowledge necessary to influence others and take charge of society. Stuff like rhetoric, politics, religion, ancient philosophy, and so on.

Of course, that has long stopped being the purpose of the modern university. Kids now go to college to be molded into model slaves of the Jews, servile and unquestioning.

Needless to say, all the old vestiges of the previous curriculum are being phased out as fast as possible, being quite counter-productive to the Jew’s purposes.

College Fix:

Students enrolled in the Kilachand Honors College at Boston University used to have a required class called “Modernity and its Discontents.”

The freshman seminar included readings by Friedrich Nietzsche, Virginia Woolf and Sigmund Freud, and stood as a prime example of an attempt by the honors college to offer students an education grounded in a classical liberal arts tradition.

But “Modernity and its Discontents” is gone, and so is a popular professor who used to co-teach it, Anna Katsnelson.

The Kilachand Honors College is a very exclusive section of Boston University, with an acceptance rate below 10%.

Students live in dorms right inside the college building.

Looks pretty cozy.

In other words, it’s an elite, and presumably very expensive college. And these students are exactly the type of people whom communists and Jews desire to brainwash most – the future elites of society.

In late May, she was abruptly dismissed from her post as assistant director of academic affairs for the honors college at the private university, and for many students enrolled in the program, it was the last straw.

A large contingent of students and recent grads of Kilachand Honors College say the program has taken a wrong turn in recent years. They argue it has largely abandoned its original mission to offer a challenging curriculum anchored in a Western canon and has lost its close-knit community feel centered on a passion for academic rigor and diversity of thought.

In other words, the Socratic method of learning has been scrapped and the honors college has become just another typical liberal arts program with an echo chamber of leftism, its critics say.

Poor Socrates. He just keeps getting shut down by commies.

Some 120 students and alumni of the honors college — roughly one-third of its enrollment — recently demanded answers, saying they are “devastated” by the termination of Katsnelson, who embodied “the community and spirit of the college” with her open-door policy, personal investment in students’ lives, and passion for intellectual debate.

“We feel that Professor Katsnelson’s dismissal points to larger problems within the KHC community,” the students stated in a May 24 letter to Kilachand Honors College leaders.

In the past two years, the administrative office has become less welcoming and approachable. … Furthermore, many of us chose KHC because of its rigorous academic pathway but stayed because we found a home there. We do not want the friendly environment that welcomed us as freshmen to be replaced by a purely academic institution, one that fails to emphasize the close personal relationships that we consider to be KHC’s greatest quality,” the letter added.

[…] Katsnelson was “the only voice of opposition in what had otherwise become an echo chamber of clinical, bland liberalism and an emphasis on turning out numbers over creating individuals prepared for the rigors of research and life.”

So basically the college’s administration resolved itself to start reforming the curriculum to fall in line with modern leftist standards. That means no more debates, no more “intellectual diversity” and no more reading of “problematic” authors like Nietzsche.

A bunch of entitled perverts come to mind.

Nietzsche endorses trolling.

I guess snowflakes need to just get over it.

Yeah, you definitely don’t want the future elites of society to be exposed to these kinds of ideas.

Our future leaders, if the Jews have their way, will be fully trained in the subtleties of trannyism and other forms of “social justice,” while never having read things like Homer or Shakespeare.