Boston 5/13: Antifa Groups Planning to Attack Free Speech Demonstrators

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
May 12, 2017

On May 13th in Boston, there will be a march in support of free speech, which is just a code word for Fascism. Every time somebody speaks without permission from marginal campus communist groups, another Leelah Alcorn dies.

Some cross-dressing fag who did nothing but take selfies is the Che Guevara of the “New Left”

The “Antifa” portal “It’s Going Down” is planning to join a “mass mobilization,” looking to use the crowd of ostensibly “peaceful” protesters as a cover for premeditated political violence. It is quite likely that the students and organizations coordinating the “peaceful” anti-free speech rally are working hand-in-hand with the Antifa groups, and their attendance has been announced by an unambiguous press release.

Liberals and establishment figures have no issue marching side-by-side with avowed communists and violent global capitalism-protecting Anarcucks.

It’s Going Down:

The call on this website invites neo-Nazi’s to the demonstration, advising their side to dress like “normies.” More of their plans can be seen on this Reddit thread. We also found a Craigslist ad from Manchester, NH looking for people with military experience to confront antifa. You can get an idea of those that want to instigate violence with Boston area leftists by looking at who are listed as going on the public Facebook event page (these people really have zero concept of internet security culture)

Boston area student activist organizations have begun to organize a “mass mobilization” against the Alt-Right rally, which is great, but they have explicitly embraced a non-violent approach and also vaguely shamed our West Coast comrades who choose to use self-defense by directly confronting Alt-Right militants at a similarly billed “free speech” rally in Berkeley, CA. A mass mobilization is welcome and necessary in the fight against fascism, but so is a respect for diversity of tactics and not discouraging oppressed communities from choosing how they should defend themselves from those who wish to oppress them.

We believe that militant fascism deserves an even greater militant antifascist response. We are calling on all Boston area leftists, radicals, and antifascists to join our community in opposing the alt-right “free speech” (hate speech) rally on May 13th at 12pm in Boston Common, and in the spirit of resistance and solidarity, turn up for the antifascist bloc party!

We are calling for a community self-defense bloc and encouraging preparedness to defend against any fascist assaults from the several far-right skinhead, militia, and patriot groups traveling from outside of the city looking for a fight. Let’s protect our communities, and each other.

These poser Pepsi revolutionaries claim to be in a mortal struggle with the financial elites, yet unlike the genuine counter-cultural forces of the Alt-Right, “It’s Going Down” is allowed to use corporate platforms like Patreon and GoFundMe to collect money to openly plan acts of violence.

Make sure to report their Patreon.

All the people attending on the side of free speech should be prepared for a violent confrontation. The Antifa groups may try to make up for their lack of physical strength and low morale by mobilizing a front of brainwashed college students and enticing local drug addicts with free pizza. Be ready to crack some skulls (in self-defense).

The event appears to be non-sectarian, so follow the guidelines from the organizers if you decide to attend. A popular front that will drive the communists out of the public space is needed for actual free political discourse to take place so everyone who is threatened by the binky sucking thought-police should put aside all differences against the common enemy. Because we have the truth and the majority of people on our side, confronting the Judeo-Left in its “safe spaces” is integral to our revolution.

What happens when you call someone a “racist” and they don’t care? What happens when you try to use force to silence someone and they respond by breaking your nose? What happens when the non-Jewish white males you gradually prime society to  displace and murder stop identifying as atomized “individuals” and take up collective self-defense?

We’ll see on May 13th in Boston Common.