Bosnia: ISIS Base in the Heart of Europe

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 22, 2015

Like something out of a horror movie...
Like something out of a horror movie…

So, ISIS apparently has a base in Bosnia now, where they are training for attacks on European targets.

Why not do a strike on this, Cameron or Obama?

Here it is, guys. Journalists from the Mirror found it, when it apparently was eluding you.
Here it is, guys. Journalists from the Mirror found it, when it apparently was eluding you.

This is an actual threat to us, unlike some monkey nonsense in the Arabian desert.

It is almost as if the more threatening a target is, the less likely it is to be targeted.


Right in the heart of Europe lies a small village where the black flag of Islamic State (IS) flies proudly. Recent reports suggest Jihadis are buying up land and training there, sparking fears it could provide a base to launch attacks across the continent.

The small Bosnia settlement has been a stronghold of Wahhabist extremism since the 1990s, and residents have already been charged with terror attacks and recruiting for IS.

Nestled on a strategically situated hill and surround by dense forest in the mountainous north-east of Bosnia and Herzegovina, sits the village of Gornja Maoča. It is gaining a reputation as an extremist stronghold and a perfect stop off between the West and IS, in a nation that is 45 per cent Muslim and hosting the only Muslim majority capital city on the continent, Sarajevo.

The country was converted to Islam by Ottomans hordes, but radical Islam was negligible before the 1992-5 Balkans conflict. During and after the war, however, Saudi money and influence began to flow freely into the nation.

After the war, Gornja Maoča was resettled by radical Wahhabists and has been a cause of concern for the authorities every since. Many police raids in search of guns and evidence of terrorist activity followed, including one involving 600 officers in 2010. Another was completed just five months ago.

Little or nothing was found at first and villagers and rights groups repeatedly accused the authorities of harassment. Then, in October 2011, a young man from the village attacked the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo with a machine gun attack

Already, 330 Bosnians, mainly from rural areas, are thought to have joined IS in Syria, according to the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at King’s College. The first reports of the black flag of IS flying over the village emerged at the beginning of the year. On February 11th, it was reported that four men from the surrounding area had been arrested, and one charged, suspected of recruiting fighters for IS in Syria and Iraq.

A number of high-profile IS members are said to be buying up land and properties in the area, and at least 12 jihadis trained in near-by Osve have travelled to Syria in recent months. Five are reported to have been killed.

Ismar Hadrović, a Salafist who led an attack on Sarajevo’s Queer Festival in 2008, has bought property there, Federalna Televizija reports. Wahhabi preacher Harun Mehicevic, considered one of Australia’s most dangerous men, who moved to Melbourne to escape the Balkan war, also owns land in Gornja Maoca, The Age of Melbourne reports.

It almost makes me wonder if we shouldn’t have armed Serbia to remove kebab, instead of arming kebab to remove Serbia.

Serbia is more than willing to deal with the kebab problem
Serbia is more than willing to deal with the kebab problem

This is not even a top story. The Mirror released the information 3 days ago. No one is covering it but right wing (and Shiite Islamic) sites, and no one but the Daily Stormer is calling for Obama and Cameron to do a missile strike on it.