Born a Man, British Army Captain Now Armed Forces Pin-Up Girl

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2015

Don't hate - this is perfectly normal.
Don’t hate – this is perfectly normal.

Having entered the army a man, a captain in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical engineers has had his salami sliced off and is now marching up and down the parade ground in army-issue high-heels.

Hannah Winterbourne, 27, is the army’s “highest-ranking transgender soldier”. Now appendage-free, ‘she’ is posing in a slinky dress and a plunging neckline for the army’s Soldier magazine, The Daily Mail revealed. And ‘she’ is so wrapped up in ‘her’  new ‘gender reassignment’ that ‘she’ won’t reveal what ‘she’ was named when ‘she’ was a ‘he’ because it’s a ‘label’ from ‘her’ past.

And that’s it for the parenthesis, but they serve just as well as expletives of the homophobic variety, which this story would otherwise be rife with.

“I played a good game. I suppressed a lot of feminine characteristics and learnt to behave in a very masculine way because that’s how society had conditioned me to be,” the non-menstruating she-thing lisped.

Dolled up to the nines, this disgrace to the human race and blight on the proud history and tradition of British armed forces first joined a college for the armed forces at 15. The army sponsored it to study electrical engineering at Newcastle University, before it was accepted at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst; a decision they’re no doubt regretting through a forced smile.

It was during its posting in Germany that its perverted compulsions became too powerful to resist, and it decided that it had to have doctors begin the preliminary stages of the sex change process. It then completed a tour of Afghanistan, after which it was convinced that it was the inalienable right of every man to become a woman.

Convinced by the “bravery” of young people who’d also messed with their gender this nauseating Nancy decided to join the ranks of the reassigned.

Soldier quotes the disgusting freak justifying its creepy actions by saying, “There was a teenager who had come out to their whole school and here I was, a 23-year-old in the Army, an organisation that prides itself on integrity and courage, and I am the one who’s sat behind a locked door telling the world who I am.”

Which, of course, sounds like drug-addled babble; but on it went, “I thought, ‘that’s not what the Service is about’. That was the turning point for me.”

No longer happy standing up to piss, it recounted, “I decided to stop living a lie and be true to the person (sic) I am — not the person I thought everyone else wanted me to be.”

Arriving at its new posting in Catterick Garrison, in North Yorkshire, it was now whingeing about the toilet seat not being left down, having ‘transitioned’ into a creature of the opposite sex, at least surgically. It was still having hormone therapy, a bit of surgery, and battling a resilient beard that kept trying to grow in defiance of ‘its’ newfound daintiness.

“There’s a fundamental difference between being transgender and being gay or bisexual,” it delusively told Soldier.  “I don’t mind looking back at myself as a male because it reminds me just how far I’ve come. I’m just expressing myself in a different way. The hair, makeup, and clothes don’t define a person. What defines them is their personality and what they do with their lives.”

This is spot-on, because this thing has just defined itself as a degenerate, and another reason there is no longer a “Great” before “Britain.”