Borlänge, Sweden: YUGE Nordic Resistance Movement March!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2016

Sweden rises!

The church rang bells in protest!


The church bells at Hagakyrkan inside and outside Borlänge Stora Tuna and Torsång, rang five minutes before 11 o’clock and five minutes after the service on May 1. There was nothing that could be heard in the district where the Nordic Nazi resistance movement marched.

Church magazine The day notes day after “Church Nazi protest, many went beyond”.

Just like the Nazis in the Party of the Swedes marched in Jonkoping two years ago had Borlänge Stora Tuna and Torsångs parish decided to ring the church bells in protest.

In Jönköping, bells rang an ominous tone of the central city while the Nazis began to march.

To call in extra church bells are a tradition-bound mark, which could also have been a warning signal for the fire-is-loose or discord.

I’m sure the church bells gave an awesome ambiance to the march!

The day is coming soon when blood will flow like a river through the streets and the church bells will ring out VICTORY over the Saracen hordes!

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Hail Victory!