Boris the Betrayer Demands Trump Do Something About Global Warming and Coronavirus

This traitor has no right to speak the name of our noble Real President, let alone do this moral signaling nonsense where he demands he deal with problems that don’t even exist in real life.

It’s all so tiresome.

The Independent:

Boris Johnson is to urge Donald Trump and other G20 leaders to do more to defeat the coronavirus pandemic and tackle climate change during a virtual summit this weekend.

US president Mr Trump remains in charge until mid-January, when Joe Biden will take over.

Critics warn Mr Trump’s influence on the course of the Covid-19 virus during that time, as well as on a host of other issues, could be substantial.

The event, hosted by Saudi Arabia, will see G20 leaders discuss the threat of the virus as well as the economic devastation it has wreaked.

These are the top issues that the government and media are claiming you should care about:

  • Coronavirus
  • Racism
  • Global warming
  • Democracy for China

Meanwhile, these are problems which are not discussed much or at all:

  • All of our freedoms being stripped from us
  • Every small business has collapsed, or will very soon
  • Brainwashing a generation of children into neuroticism
  • Plastic
  • Mass obesity
  • Mass drug addiction
  • Mass pornography addiction
  • The collapse of the family unit
  • Incels
  • Collapsed birthrate
  • Endless black violence
  • The social fallout of mass immigration
  • Rise in autism rate
  • The ugliness of our environment (strip malls, freeway ramps, parking lots, billboards, fast food signs, high-rise buildings, etc.)
  • General unhappiness
  • What JJ Abrams did to Star Wars

The fact is, none of the things on the list of things you should care about are real problems. They are ridiculous hoaxes. They are burying all of the things that actually affect your life.

This has all gotten so bizarre, that it is difficult to even process, and that is part of the strategy. They want you to be so overwhelmed that you just turn it off.

If and when Donald Trump wins, he should launch an invasion of Britain to liberate the people from tyranny. He can call it “Operation British Freedom.”

Freeing our dear cousins from the yoke of oppression would be something that everyone could rally around. It would be so very easy to simply use the media to tell the stories of what these Pakistani gangs do to British girls as young as 11, to show how the British government refuses to stop it, and actively covers it up, and say: “we have to invade the country in order to liberate them.”

People went along with invading Iraq because they said babies were thrown out of incubators. They got really excited about how moral they were for liberating these people from oppression. This would be the real version of that.