Boris Johnson’s Girlfriend Denounces the Use of Monkey Labor

I don’t think this is… I don’t understand what this means.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s fiancee Carrie Symonds on Friday welcomed pledges by four British retailers to stop selling products that use monkey labour in their production and called on others to do the same.

Symonds, a conservationist, was responding to a report in the Telegraph newspaper that highlighted the use of pigtailed macaques taken from the wild in Thailand and used on farms to scurry up trees and harvest coconuts.

The report cited an investigation by the animal rights organisation Peta Asia.

She called on all other supermarkets to stop selling the products, which include certain brands of coconut water and coconut milk, and named three chains.

Walmart-owned Asda said it was removing Aroy-D and Chaokoh branded products from sale while it investigated the report with its suppliers.

“We expect our suppliers to uphold the highest production standards at all times and we will not tolerate any forms of animal abuse in our supply chain,” it said in a statement.

A spokeswoman for Sainsbury’s said it was actively reviewing its ranges and investigating the issue.

“We are also in contact with PETA UK to support our investigations,” she said.

Tesco, Britain’s biggest retailer, did not have an immediate comment.

I don’t think this is real.

PETA has a video up about it.

I have never heard of this, and that video doesn’t really prove anything. Southeast Asian industrial coconut harvesting is a pretty standardized practice. You use a sickle-like blade attached to a pole.

The idea of using monkeys for this purpose, and then also abusing the monkey laborers, would be nonsensical. I know a thing or two about monkeys, and they are simply not cooperative creatures. They are badly behaved under the best of circumstances, and if you are abusing them, they are going to be even worse behaved. They do not respond to threats or the use of violence with cooperation, but rather the opposite.

I believe that PETA is promoting an internet hoax, for some reason. Maybe the women who run the organization are simply too stupid to know what is going on, or maybe they are knowingly promoting a hoax for some purpose. However, I can pretty well guarantee that this is not real.

One thing Asians are very good at is standardizing practices for maximum efficiency. The idea that Thais would introduce a completely new, weird monkey labor method for collecting coconuts when the stick-sickle method is already fully established and a hundred years old is unlikely.

If some Thai did do this, they would be doing it for humor purposes, and the technique would not be used in large companies exporting products.