Boris Johnson’s Dreams Crushed by Medical Weirdo Who Says Social Distancing Must Continue Indefinitely

Boris Johnson is fighting the same way against medical hoaxers that Donald Trump is, and the British version of Anthony Fauci is fighting him tooth and nail to keep the country locked down indefinitely.

Daily Mail:

Social distancing may be necessary for a long time, England’s top medic has said, warning that eliminating coronavirus is highly unlikely.

Professor Chris Whitty told the Lords Science and Technology Committee that, while certain hygiene measures will be around for the foreseeable future, keeping a safe distance from others will also need to be maintained.

This comes after University of Edinburgh public health professor Linda Bauld said the infection rate is currently too high for social distancing measures to be scrapped by Christmas.

He further told the peers on Friday that aiming to eliminate Covid-19 from the UK was ‘quite optimistic’.

Prof Whitty said: ‘There are some things which we started right at the beginning, which absolutely have to continue for a prolonged period of time, washing hands, isolation, household isolation.

‘And then we’ve added to that things like contact tracing, most recently face coverings.

‘And these are issues of, and issues around distancing, which have been varied but the reality is distancing remains an important part of this mix and how it’s interpreted in different governments has evolved.

‘But it has not gone away. So, all of those need to continue for a long period of time.’

England’s chief medical officer said that eliminating Covid-19 in a ‘highly connected’ country like the UK would be very difficult.

Prof Whitty explained: ‘Elimination means zero cases onward transmitted and for this disease this is going to be very difficult.’

Basically, this was all a direct swipe at Boris Johnson and his stated desire to go back to normal by Christmas.

The thing about this is that the standard they’ve set is that a complete transformation of society is justified by anyone at all getting the virus, which means that they are obligated to continue all of these measures indefinitely, basically no matter what.

In order to remove any of the measures, they would have to change this entire ideology that they’ve presented about how there is never any excuse for there to be risk in life when it comes to viruses. Any and all major and serious risks can be embraced, including the risks involved with collapsing the entire economy, or the risks from creating massive social and mental health problems by totally transforming the basic nature of society, in order to do something that may or may not mitigate the risk of someone becoming infected with a mild flu virus.

This is combined with an absolute nanny-state and Mommy Law ideology, where no one is allowed to make any personal decisions for themselves, so there is no ability to say, “well, okay, if you want to live life normally, go do that, if you’re afraid of the virus, wear masks or stay at home or whichever other measures.” Anyone who veers from the orthodoxy is portrayed as a threat to the whole society, to be witch-hunted.

At this point, I just do not see any situation where any society that has bought into this, and particularly not the Anglosphere countries, can ever say, “we’re going to have to walk this back and just accept the fact that people are going to be infected with the virus.”

Basically, this is everything that I said it was going to be, that everyone attacked me over: we are now in a permanent virus society. This is all part of a planned agenda, and the virus society is merely a backdrop for a larger society of paranoia and fear.