Boris Johnson was Hosting Private Cocktail Parties at the Height of the Alleged Pandemic

It’s been revealed that Boris Johnson and other politicians were having crowded cocktail parties while telling the masses of people to stay locked inside their houses.

And cover their faces.

Even during sex.

(I think people maybe forgot that they told you to wear a mask during sex, along with some of the other Trout Mask Replica tier commands. They were clearly just messing with people, testing to see where they would draw a line. It turned out, nowhere – in 2020, no one would draw a line anywhere.)

Anyway, obviously government officials not following any of these retarded regulations is not a new thing. We’ve seen this continually in America and elsewhere. What that actually proves is that the government knew from the beginning that the whole thing was a gigantic hoax.

They knew it for the same reason they all know to keep saying “build back better” – because they attend the World Economic Forum at Davos. This is a central mind of the entire globalist order, and they are really pretty frank about what they are doing.

You wouldn’t really need to be told directly to know this was all a big hoax. No one ever told me directly. All you would have to do is look at the plans of the globalist agenda, and you’d automatically understand. And anyone who is at a high level in government is going to these meetings and reading all of these white papers – or at least having aides give them the Cliff’s Notes – so they understood from the beginning that there was no pandemic.

So of course, they weren’t going to let it affect their lives.

It does make you wonder how many of them are actually taking these vaccines.