Boris Johnson Uses “Build Back Better” Slogan When Congratulating Fake President Biden on Stealing Election

When congratulating Joe Biden on his false claim that he is the President of the United States now, the fat slob and mega coronavirus hoaxer Boris Johnson used the “Great Reset” phrase “Build Back Better.”

“I look forward to strengthening the partnership between our countries … and building back better from the pandemic,” Johnson wrote on Twitter.

As the Daily Stormer recently reported, Joe Biden’s transition website is at “” This phrase is used widely by the World Economic Forum, the creators of the Great Reset movement.

The stated purpose of this movement is to use the coronavirus pandemic to create a New World Order. They want a totally communistic system, where there exists nothing but the very poor and the very rich. The very poor will be a mixed multitude of racial garbage, while the elite of Jewry sits on top.

It should be extremely disturbing that all of these world leaders seemingly have an obsession with referencing this movement, while not directly citing it. What is the point of using these secret phrases, if not to simply be creepy and weird? If they support this movement, why do they not simply say it? Why are they using these sly, semi-secret references?

Furthermore, I just want to say that it is simply disgusting that after all that Donald Trump did for him and his shithole country, Boris Johnson has betrayed him and gone over to suck off Joe Biden’s dick. When Donald Trump solidifies his position as total ruler of America, he should absolutely punish the shithole nation of Britain in the most extreme and disgusting way possible.

The worst punishment I could think of for the British would be to invade their country and then remove all of the Pakistanis they brought in to have sex with their schoolgirls. Bombing them would destroy their homes and their lives. But removing these Pakis that have sex with their 11 and 12 year old white schoolgirls – that would destroy their souls.

The most important value of the British is “Pakis have sex with our preteen daughters, and use them as free labor prostitutes.” The British say, “it’s our values and it’s who we are.”

Who will they be without their precious Pakistani sex traffickers?

They will be nothing more than slaves to Donald Trump.