Boris Johnson Urges Countries to Unite and Fund £6.6 Billion Vaccine

People are locked up, out of work and depleting their savings because the government says that isolation is the only way to keep people safe from the scary coronavirus enemy until a vaccine is ready.

Now the government says that people will have to pay for that vaccine.

Daily Mail:

Boris Johnson will today warn that it is ‘humanity against the virus’ as he co-hosts an international conference to drive the race for coronavirus treatments, tests and vaccines.

The Prime Minister will urge countries to ‘pull together’ and pool their expertise as they tackle the ‘most urgent shared endeavour of our lifetimes’.

He will add: ‘We are in this together and together we will prevail.’

Today’s online pledging conference – co-hosted by the UK and eight other countries and organisations – aims to bring in more than £6.6billion in funding to support the global response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The UK has pledged to give £388million in aid funding for research into tests, treatments and vaccines – part of a £744million commitment to help end the pandemic and support the global economy through this period of widespread uncertainty.

Mr Johnson, who himself contracted the virus in March, is expected to say: ‘To win this battle, we must work together to build an impregnable shield around all our people and that can only be achieved by developing and mass producing a vaccine.

The more we pull together and share our expertise, the faster our scientists will succeed.

‘The race to discover the vaccine to defeat this virus is not a competition between countries but the most urgent shared endeavour of our lifetimes. It’s humanity against the virus – we are in this together and together we will prevail.’

Coronavirus is as dangerous as the flu.

If they can successfully claim that a flu-tier virus is a global menace and get billions in funding to allegedly develop a vaccine, they’re not going to stop with this coronavirus.

Aside from forcing people to live in a permanent virus regime of intermittent lockdowns and lunatic mass surveillance, they’re going to force people to pay up for their “care.”

“We’re going to build walls around humanity and make humans pay for it.”

Their economy is falling apart and instead of using the country’s wealth to help people, they’re telling everyone that they’ll throw it all away in useless vaccine research for a virus that’s no more threatening than the flu.

If more people knew that the coronavirus crisis is a hoax, and that the real crisis is the lockdown and its consequences, heads would be much more likely to roll.