Boris Johnson Issues Bizarre Threat to Manchester Mayor, Says People Will Die If He Doesn’t Shut It All Down

Boris is now just trying to pimp this hoax as hard as possible to prevent being removed for not pimping the hoax hard enough.

He’s totally surrendered.

The Sun:

Boris Johnson has delivered an ultimatum to Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham – telling him to drop his demands for more support for the city or face rising deaths.

Mr Johnson said that every day Mr Burnham held out on the city entering Tier 3 “means more people will go to hospital, more people will go to intensive care and more people will die”.

Mr Burnham has not said he does not oppose entering Tier 3, but is demanding furlough support of up to 80% for workers and more support for Manchester’s ailing businesses.

The Labour mayor has said that entering into it without these measures would see the city “levelled down”.

Mr Johnson said: “On recent trends, in just over two weeks there will be more Covid patients in intensive care than at the peak of the first wave so I urge the mayor to reconsider and engage constructively.

“I cannot stress enough: time is of the essence. Each day that passes before action is taken means more people will go to hospital, more people will end up in intensive care and tragically more people will die.”

Mr Johnson also repeated a threat for Ministers to overule Mr Burnham – telling a Downing Street press conference : “If agreement cannot be reached I will need to intervene in order to protect Manchester’s hospitals and save the lives of Manchester’s residents.

“But our efforts will be so much more effective if we work together.”

The PM warned local governments who may resist their demands that Downing St “must reserve the right to step in and do what is necessary.”

Boris isn’t going to get much of a legacy regardless.

The fact is, if history exists after this century, this virus is going to be remembered as the biggest mass hysteria and scam ever.

Those who resisted it will be recorded as heroes.

Boris has acquiesced to being on the wrong side of history, and he’s going to lose anyway.