Boris Johnson Hates Black People

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 24, 2019

Well, this is based and redpilled.


Boris Johnson has emerged as the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after a leadership contest and could prove to be as divisive a figure in Britain as President Trump is in the United States.

The announcement of his premiership has been met with groans in some quarters and the inevitable comparisons to President Trump have been made. On the social media platform Twitter, many are using the hashtag #NotmyPM to express their dismay at the news.

Around the world, Johnson, Britain’s gaffe-prone former foreign secretary, has in the past caused raised eyebrows and outrage with his outspoken comments.

But it is in Africa, in particular, that he has shocked many with language considered to be racist and offensive.

Johnson, who was a member of the British Parliament at the time he made some of these comments in 2002, apologized while on the campaign trail for the London mayoral elections in 2008.

Johnson said at the time that he “loathed and despised,” racism as he stood for elections in one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

“I do feel very sad that people have been so offended by these words and I’m sorry that I’ve caused this offence,” he was quoted as saying in a local media report at the time.

I don’t really believe that actual Africans in Africa care much about such things. It’s mostly just blacks that are exposed to Jews that start telling you a little bit of friendly humor “hurts” them.

Here are some of the awesome racist statements Boris has made over the years.

It’s actually shocking to me that you can become Prime Minister of Britain after saying all that.

But I like it.

Donald Trump really is the Boris Johnson of America.

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