Boris Attacked for Not Being Able to Explain New Lockdown Rules

You can go to jail and be fined for breaking the lockdown rules.

Unfortunately, they’re so bizarre and confusing that not even the leaders of countries understand them.


Boris Johnson has been branded “totally incompetent” after he was unable to explain the new local lockdown rules for the north-east of England.

During a press conference on Tuesday morning, the prime minister was asked about the new measures announced the previous day.

The prime minister was asked whether people can still meet those from a different household in an outdoor pub garden.

He replied: “On the ‘rule of six’, outside the areas such as the North East where extra measures have been brought in it is six inside, six outside.

“And in the North East and other areas where extra-tight measures have been brought in, you should follow the guidance of local authorities but it is six in a home, six in hospitality but as I understand it, not six outside.”

Previous guidance issued by the Department of Health and Social Care stated that those living in the North East were not advised to “mix with people outside their household or bubble in indoor settings, including pubs and restaurants”.

Johnson later apologised on Twitter, saying he “misspoke” during the press conference and clarifying that outdoor socialising was also advised against.

Boris no doubt cannot himself yet process how insane this all is, and also knew there was some “666” element.

It is absurd to refer to these rules as “Boris’ Rules,” as the media is doing.

They’re not Boris’ rules. These rules are being forced on nations by a body of globalists. No leader would still be doing this lockdown if he was making the decisions.

No one ever thought of responding to a virus outbreak with all of these bizarre measures. This is being centrally planned across all Western countries.

We can all see Sweden. We all know they didn’t do a lockdown, and nothing happened. They don’t have piles of bodies in the streets.

So whatever the reason for this lockdown, it isn’t public health. And whoever is making the decision to do it in the UK, it isn’t Boris Johnson.