Border Unrest: “I Got a Feeling That This is Going to Explode in a Few Days,” Honduran Migrant Warns

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 25, 2019

There’s this situation where thousands of caravan goblins with the intention of entering America are amassing very very close to the American border, waiting, and they’re growing impatient. Mexico is trying to cut the comforts it granted them for their wait, and they’re getting anxious, nervous, and jumpy. They have nothing to lose.

But that’s not even close to the worst of it. There are thousands more coming in new caravans, and there is no indication that caravans will stop appearing until the entire Honduran population is relocated to a non-shit-hole country, which means a white country. Hondurans themselves are even openly admitting that’s what they have in mind.

Fox News:

Almost 9,000 migrants hoping to reach the U.S. through various caravans have registered for temporary asylum and work visas in Mexico but only 500 have been granted status, officials say.

Mexican officials told Fox News Wednesday that 8,446 people have registered for temporary status in the county while they wait for their claims to be heard in the U.S.

But tensions are rising along the Guatemala-Mexico border since many of the caravans lack food and shelter.

I got a feeling that this is going to explode in a few days because there is a lot of people coming still and the process for the visa is getting long… people are tired of being in this line, thirsty and hungry,” Honduran migrant Jorge Santos told Fox News.

There’s general unrest brewing all kinds of things there. They are growing desperate. Hundreds of them are forming groups and breaching the American border to turn themselves in because they can’t take the wait anymore, and they know that being arrested by American authorities is better than waiting for asylum applications in Mexico.

Now Mexico is going to take in thousands more that will add to the already big forces gathering at the border.

The longer we wait before taking action, the bigger their forces will be, and the bigger their forces are, the harder it is for our people to catch them as they attempt to cross the border. This is a retarded situation that would be prevented by a big sturdy wall with mounted automatic laser-beams with AI face recognition and skin color recognition capabilities on rails near the top, to allow the weapons to slide and better cover hot spots along the border.

They’d be kind of like racist death trains.

I mean… the wall alone would work too. But if we’re throwing billions at the wall, why not throw a few additional billions too for the alien-repelling offensive defense system?

It can be made to look very cool, too.

We should also seriously consider the cost-benefit of just making the wall fucking huge. The most expensive part really is getting the thing going, but once we’re green-lighted to build the wall, let’s see how much more we’d have to spend in order to make it of gargantuan proportions.

I’m thinking long-long-long-term here.

For instance, take a look at this Israel wall.

That is a rookie wall.

We can do better.

This is what I have in mind.

There’d be no gates, no doors, no way to go through the wall by land. If someone can’t afford a plane ticket, they don’t have any business in America. This isn’t a charity. This is our home. The United States has everything that it needs — in the realm of the material — to be self-sufficient.

We just have to get rid of the parasites first.