Border Patrol Saves Two Migrant Families, Border Mayors Urge Congress to Fund Humanitarian Effort

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 22, 2019

What kind of goblin are those?

Honduras invader niggers are getting rescued by Border Patrol because we can’t have the invaders dying before they invade us — that would be racist.


U.S. Border Patrol agents in Eagle Pass on Tuesday rescued 11 immigrants from Honduras who were stranded on a small island along the Rio Grande River.

The group included six children under the age of 6 — the youngest was 2 months old.

It’s the latest of many river rescues in Eagle Pass.

So far in fiscal year 2019, there have been 402 water rescues compared to just 32 in fiscal year 2018, officials said.

Among the people plucked from the river this year were five children, including two who drowned.

Catch it: 402 water rescues. These Border Patrol guys are patrolling the border to find migrants to save and process, not to keep them out. They’re not protecting our border — they’re literally protecting the invaders.

Agents that care about protecting America are persecuted for being rough when apprehending goblins and for saying mean stuff about goblins in private text chats.

The Jews turned our institutions into a joke.

What kind of authority do we have if we not only can’t say no when someone wants to get into our country, but we also have to ensure their safety?

Goblins know that Border Patrol will rescue them. They’re counting on that.

They even say that in the following video.

Full video below, in case you want to observe goblins doing goblin stuff at the border.

These creatures are already sucking the life out of border cities.


Today, 22 bipartisan mayors, representing cities on or near the southern border sent a letter to Congressional leaders urging support for funding and resources to help their communities address the ongoing humanitarian crisis at the border.

In the letter, Mayors asked that a portion of the supplemental funds to the disaster relief bill currently being discussed be specifically directed to those at the local level who are expending enormous resources to address the surge of migrants across the southern border.

The solution is obviously not to stop them from coming, but to spend more money in making the start of their permanent stay a more comfortable experience.

After all, poor green things are getting hurt trying to enrich you.


As the number of undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers entering the U.S. increases, so does the number of serious injuries suffered by migrants, the U.S. Border Patrol says.

A Border Patrol official on Tuesday told ABC-7 the immigrants more susceptible to suffering injuries are those who try to elude capture.

Ramiro Cordero, with the U.S. Border Patrol, said agents are transporting about 69 immigrants a day to local urgent care clinics and hospital emergency rooms.

You already know who’s paying for all of that.

Some of the injuries have been reported near the Chihuhuita neighborhood by the railroad tracks. Undocumented immigrants entering the U.S. sometimes crawl underneath the trains in that neighborhood, putting their lives in danger.

“It’s something that happens on a daily basis,” said Cordero, adding the severity of the injuries vary. “We’re talking about the amputation of limbs and fingers, even deaths. We have people who get caught between knuckles of the train.”

Goblins getting hurt is unacceptable.

I propose free plane tickets to all of them so they can safely fly from their country of origin and land in some American city fresh and ready to enrich.