Border Patrol Releasing Goblin Families Into the United States Instead of Transferring to ICE

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 27, 2019

Think about this: the invading goblin force is trying to illegally enter the United States knowing that if they manage to get in, they’d be breaking the law. Yet when they’re captured trying to illegally enter America they’re just told to show up for asylum hearings in the future and released into the country that they wanted to illegally enter.

The asylum hearings are a legal matter, and goblins trying to enter the country illegally have shown that they don’t care about our laws. Why would they care to show up at the hearings? Even if they show up and they’re told that they can’t stay, they still don’t care about what our laws say. After all, them getting in the way they did is against our laws.

Even if you physically kick them out, they’ll just walk a few steps and then turn around to try and enter again the moment you look away.

Capturing goblins just to release them into the United States is a waste of resources that has pretty much the same practical result as not capturing goblins and letting them get in without encountering resistance.

One way or another, goblins are getting what they want.

Washington Examiner:

Border Patrol agents have been quietly releasing immigrant families apprehended at the southern border rather than transferring them to Immigration and Customs Enforcement to continue being held in federal custody, a senior Department of Homeland Security official told reporters Tuesday.

Acting ICE Director Ronald Vitiello said the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border has become so dire that Border Patrol agents are letting families go free into the United States and telling them to show up for asylum hearings in the future instead of putting them in ICE custody for 20 days, the maximum amount of time they can be detained due to a 2015 court ruling.

Vitiello, who is still navigating the Senate confirmation process since his nomination to lead the agency last summer, said ICE is “barely keeping up” with the people it is taking from CBP, prompting border agents to take matters into their own hands.

They are overwhelmed, and we are in a position where we’re not able to help them as fast as we want to,” he said.

Border Patrol expects to apprehend 100,000 illegal border crossers in March, the majority of whom are families and unaccompanied children, and must be handled differently than single adults.

Vitiello said ICE is “grateful” to nongovernmental organizations, many of which are migrant advocacy groups, but said even nonprofits are in a “dire” situation as they struggle to feed, clothe, relocate, and house tens of thousands of people being released into the country each month.

He pushed back on the notion that immigration officers are “dumping” people on the streets, saying there was “nowhere to put them” after they were released from federal custody.

See what I mean? The amount of resources wasted for this circus is insane.

The amount of goblins that Border Patrol expects to apprehend in March is insane.

Everything about this situation is insane.

Wasting money on creating new warehouses to store these goblins is also insane. These creatures just won’t stop coming.

Are we going to turn America into a giant goblin warehouse?

The only real solution is a real wall.

One big hugely gigantic gargantuan border wall.

Telling the invaders that they have to go to an asylum hearing or whatever after they were released into the United States, which is the one thing they wanted from the start, is retarded.

We should have a wall to stop them from getting inside in the first place, but the wall is not getting built.

We’re not getting the wall. At least not from Trump.

What we can get though is a succulent bag every month.

By 2020 we’d have been waiting for a wall for 4 years.

Why not get $1000 dollars a month while we wait another 4 years for a wall?

Chairman Yang will likely fix the retard immigration system though because there’s no way he doesn’t know that letting anyone get into America and giving everyone in America $1000 is not sustainable long term, so we may get a double win there.

There’s just no downside to getting $1000 dollars a month, considering the alternatives and considering what we’ve been putting up with.