Border Patrol Now Releasing Invading Goblins Directly in Tucson

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 27, 2019

Some of the migrant families released in Tucson.

The whole asylum concept has become synonymous with “take the entirety of a poor country’s population into your country and give them your stuff.” Asylum seeking goblins are flooding America in numbers that were never expected, and they’re overflowing everywhere.

Understand that there’s no containing these numbers.

AZ Central:

Border Patrol officials have begun releasing migrant families in Tucson because they lack the space to detain them and immigration officials are unable to take them into custody.

The practice has been going on for about a month, according to the Border Patrol’s Tucson sector, which covers most of Arizona’s border with Mexico.

It was a central topic of a meeting Border Patrol officials in Tucson held Friday with local law-enforcement, elected and community leaders.

The number of migrant families released in Tucson has surpassed the ability of local nonprofits to house them. This past week, the city of Tucson and Pima County opened temporary overflow shelters to house migrants, although those shelters are once again empty, at least for now.

The goal of Friday’s meeting is to “alleviate some of the stressors that we’ve been seeing with this increase in people,” said Pete Bidegain, a special-operations supervisor for the Border Patrol.

“One of the major concerns that was brought up numerous times in the meeting really comes down to better communication between federal officials, county officials, city officials,” he added.

One of the big takeaways, Bidegain said, is the possibility of giving nonprofits and city leaders an earlier heads-up as soon as border officials notice any increases in the numbers of migrants they encounter at the border.

Border Patrol has not disclosed how many migrants it has released directly into Tucson in the past month since it began the practice, which the agency officially refers to as migrants released on their own recognizance.

As they are released, the migrants are issued notices to appear in court at later dates.

The direct releases of migrants add to an already unique situation that has strained existing resources in Tucson.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency that normally takes custody of asylum-seeking families once they have been processed, has continued releasing families in Tucson.

Border Patrol has been releasing goblins to the streets because there’s no other place to put them. The fact that there are no other places to put these asylum-seeking goblins is proof that the initial asylum concept has been corrupted. It was never meant to deal with hundreds of thousands of undesirable beings, but now these creatures are using it as a tool to come and feast on the fruit of our labor.

There is no infrastructure in place to warehouse all of these goblins because no one ever imagined that the entire asylum thing would be abused to this extent.

I mean, our people never imagined that.

You know who did.

Now Border Patrol will start collaborating with “non profits” for the well-being of the invaders because these goblins “claimed asylum,” which means they’re totally not invading your country because they have like a fear in their hearts or whatever.

If goblins are scared, it’s okay for them to invade you.

The “court dates” stuff for the asylum hearings is just a symbolic thing to keep up the “still a country” facade.

What do you think will happen in those hearings if the goblins even attend them? They’ll say “si señor muy asustado, si, mi familia señor tambien muy asustada” and they’ll talk about how they can’t go back now even if they wanted to because so much time has passed and they’re already settled in America and stuff, and they’ll fucking stay.

They’re all going to fucking stay.

Even if the hearing resulted in the decision to kick them out, there’s no way to enforce that. They can just walk right back into the United States because there’s no effective physical barrier stopping them.

We’ve been betrayed.

If we want to kick goblins out and to keep them out once they’re out, we’ll have to take our country back first and remove these traitorous parasites from government positions.