Border Patrol Declares “Saving Lives” of Migrants as Top Priority, Boasts About Rescuing Them From Danger

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
July 27, 2019

The Migrant Aid Force is real.

One would assume that the priority of the Border Patrol would be to Patrol the Border, but one would be mistaken.

Desert Sun:

Local reporters and photographers gathered together in the desert east of Calexico Thursday morning for a special meeting with the U.S. Border Patrol. But then-Chief Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez was not there to talk about the conditions of migrant detentions — a controversy that has kept the agency in the headlines for months.

Instead, other agents told the journalists, the top Border Patrol agent for the sector was there to discuss just one topic: how the agency’s special Border Patrol Search Trauma and Rescue team (BORSTAR) rescues migrants from the waterways along the U.S.-Mexico border.

In the El Centro sector, an increased number of migrants have died this year in the waterways that separate Mexico from inland California, the agents said. And when migrants need help, the BORSTAR team is certified to rescue people from deep, fast-moving waters.

But at the event Thursday, Chavez said the agency’s priority is “humanitarian in nature — to save lives.” The BORSTAR team’s work, she said, shows that, “when it comes to rescuing people, we have no boundaries.”

Oh, almost poetic! What are boundaries if not a form of hate border?

America’s “Border” Patrol has no borders, no boundaries, and nothing but love to offer to any foreigner trying to get into the United States.

Truly the Land of the Free… stuff.

Chavez implored migrants to avoid using the All-American canal in their attempt to enter California.

People trying to cross from Mexico into the U.S. without authorization sometimes scale the border fence, sprint about 50 yards across the desert and then jump into the canal. Their goal is to swim across the irrigation channel and dash to Interstate 8, but some don’t make it out of the canal, which in some places is 20-feet deep and has strong currents.

“Do not cross through these irrigation canals,” Chavez said. “If you’re not a proficient swimmer… this water will take you away. You’re going to lose your life trying.”

…and them dying trying to enter America to take stuff from Americans is bad and to be avoided because…?

Because that’s not who we are!

As part of the event, members of El Centro’s 10-person BORSTAR squad demonstrated how they rescue people from the All-American Canal.

Typically, agents at headquarters who watch a series of cameras focused on the border, or those patrolling the international line, will alert the BORSTAR team to a migrant struggling in the canal.

“We’ll start first by talking to the victim in the water,” said BORSTAR member Jonathan Pacheco. “We’ll start yelling at them, ‘hey, swim over to me.’”

If the migrant needs assistance, a BORSTAR agent will throw a rope into the canal. If the person is too tired or panicky to grab the rope, the agent will toss out a flotation device, Pacheco said. And if that doesn’t work, he said, the agent will wade into the water and perform a rescue.

“We go through a process before just showing up and jumping in, to ensure the safety of the agents as well as the victim in the water,” Pacheco said. As he spoke, he stood next to a table of gear that BORSTAR team members wear, including the scuba equipment that some certified agents use to retrieve bodies from the canal bottom.

El Centro sector agents also patrol the heavily polluted New River, which flows north from Mexico to the U.S., but they are instructed to stay out of the water unless an emergency situation arises.

One day before the media event, the U.S. House of Representatives approved legislation that would require U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials to provide every person in their custody with health screenings; undeterred access to drinking water and private, clean toilets; and a medically appropriate number of calories, among other standards.

Asylum seekers coming into the United States are claiming that they’re entitled to free stuff because their country of origin and every other country they’ve set foot in on their way to America is a dangerous hellhole. Now, Border Patrol publicly states that keeping these asylum seekers safe is their priority.

Not only that, but Talmudic “legislation” means these migrants are also given lots of free stuff.

We already knew that there’s not really any kind of deterrent or downside for people from all around the world that want to come into America and claim asylum, and now, with this, there’s not really any reason why these invaders wouldn’t purposefully seek to encounter Border Patrol agents.

The message for the rest of the world here is “talk to a Border Patrol agent and you’ll get taken care of!”