Border Patrol Creates New “Tent Cities” for Goblin Newmericanos

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 4, 2019

We’ve known for a while now that the situation at the border has completely overwhelmed available resources. Goblins keep getting in and there’s just no place to warehouse them. Common sense dictates that if we don’t want them inside and we have no place to put them then we should stop them from getting in.

But America is not run with common sense. It is run with Talmud sense by the Jews, which means that if there’s no room to house goblin invaders, new places must be built for that purpose.

America now has goblin tent cities.

Business Insider:

The US government has set up two new “tent city” encampments to house migrant families, as an influx of migrants have overwhelmed Border Patrol’s existing facilities.

The two temporary tent complexes in El Paso and Donna, Texas, cost $36.9 million and are set to house migrants at least until August.

In a press release on Thursday, the Customs and Border Protection agency referred to the tents as “soft-sided structure.” The agency said they were set up “in response to the unprecedented number of families and unaccompanied children from non-contiguous countries illegally crossing the border.”

These tent cities are meant to house goblins during Border Patrol’s initial processing, after which they’ll be given an asylum hearing date and released into some city. The encampments are allegedly able to house up to 500 goblins and the tents are “weather proof and climate-controlled.” There are separate areas for eating, sleeping, recreation and bathing.

They also have toilets.

At least the invaders won’t be sleeping in beds. Only mats for now.

There are watchtowers to monitor goblins and make sure they don’t rape each other.

The complexes obviously have doctors and medical supplies because goblin lives matter.


Goblins should have a good time too, so the facilities are equipped with 48-inch flat-screen TVs, DVD players and a collection of movies.

The Border Patrol gave a kind of media tour of the goblin tent cities to boast about how humane these new fancy goblin warehouses are.

Needless to say… food’s on the house, and by “on the house” I obviously mean “paid for by the hard-working American people.”

Showers are also on the house.

So here’s the gumball thing about this: it is an absolute waste of money that won’t even make a difference.

It is the equivalent to just burning those $36.9 million.

Fox 13:

The newest tent cities – in El Paso and in the Rio Grande Valley – will hold 1,000 parents and families, expanding the Border Patrol’s capacity to hold and process the surge of immigrants who have arrived in recent months and overwhelmed authorities. The capacity could be expanded at some point.

“I hope it’s enough,” said Carmen Qualia, executive officer for the Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley sector. “We don’t know what we don’t know.”

Carmen Qualia is retarded. She hopes. How about she uses her brain instead?

Americans just wasted $36.9 million on something that is ridiculously not enough.

The two tent cities together are able to hold 1,000 goblins, but 1,000 goblins is the number that Yuma Sector Border Patrol apprehended in just two days.

Think about the scale of this invasion.

KTAR News:

One thousand migrants representing nine countries surrendered to Border Patrol agents in Yuma on Tuesday and Wednesday, likely on their way to claiming asylum.

Most of these migrants came from Guatemala, “but we also had individuals from Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Belize, Cuba, India and Senegal,” Agent Jose Garibay said.

He added that nationals from those last three countries likely joined smuggling cartels in Mexico.

Most migrants traveled with children, meaning U.S. law requires Border Patrol to get them to Immigration and Customs Enforcement or release them in three days.

Now, Yuma Sector Border Patrol has 1,300 migrants in custody with capacity for only 410.

“So if ICE can’t take them, and they’re not going to have any bedspace, then we’re forced to release them within our sector to the nearest transportation hubs,” Garibay said.

These creatures are coming by the hundreds everyday and we’re supposed to waste money trying to accommodate them.

It’s insane.

People should listen to the wise gumball man.

As long as America doesn’t have a huge border wall, that video should be shared constantly.

But hey, at least some of the invaders are dying.

Daily Mail:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents found a dead 10-month-old baby from Honduras on Wednesday night after a raft carrying migrants trying to cross into the the border flipped over on the Rio Grande.

Officials said that three other migrants likely drowned, including a seven-year-old boy, a girl whose age is unknown, and an adult.