Border Patrol Apprehends “Largest Group” of Goblin Invaders in New Mexico

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 1, 2019

The monthly number of goblins raping our borders is not the only thing that’s increasing; the size of their groups is also increasing.

The horde grows in size every day and there’s nothing stopping it from entering America.

Fox News:

U.S. Border Patrol on Tuesday morning apprehended its largest group of illegal immigrants caught at once, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported.

CBP said 424 illegal aliens were apprehended just after midnight in Sunland Park, New Mexico; an additional 230 illegal aliens were apprehended in Antelope Wells, N.M., around 2 a.m.

Officials have said the surge of migrant families was overwhelming the southern border.

Talking about families and children in the context of the goblin invasion is a tactic intended to trigger the empathy of white people in order to neuter our self-preservation instincts.

It doesn’t matter what the blood ties of these goblins are. It doesn’t matter if the invading army comes as a family. It doesn’t matter if enemy soldiers are cousins and brothers. It doesn’t matter if the invaders are kids.

They are invaders.

Crying doesn’t make them less of a threat.

Feeling doesn’t make them less of a threat.

The fact that they have wants and needs doesn’t make them less of an enemy.

They still want to take our stuff.

Showing pictures of goblins suffering in the process of invading you is a move meant to shift the discussion from the objective towards the subjective. It’s a move intended to distract you from the fact that you’re being invaded by a hostile force.

You have to understand that it doesn’t matter what the people threatening your existence feel. It doesn’t matter what your enemies feel — they’re still your enemies and they’re still threatening your life. If you look at history, you’ll see that people never fought insensible robotic enemies. In every war, the enemies have emotions and feelings and toddlers and they get hungry or sad or feel threatened, and in every war white people felt feelings about these things. This isn’t new. What is new is that we are choosing feelings over survival.

We have to defend our future.

We have to defend ourselves from whatever comes after us no matter the form it takes.

The existence and well-being of your children and grandchildren are more important than some brown kid crying because he’s having a hard time robbing you from the fruit of your labor.

You have to control your empathy. Don’t let it rule over your survival instincts.

Don’t let it extinguish the flame you carry inside.