Border Officials Predict 1 Million Border Rapists Will Rape the Southern Border This Year

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 27, 2019

The border situation is unsustainable.

The whole “asylum claim” system is getting abused and turned against us. The whole concept of asylum is a mistake. It should have been shut down soon after Trump became president, but now Trump is reaching the end of his term and here we are.

Still getting invaded.

ABC News:

U.S. border authorities are predicting the number of undocumented migrants stopped at the southern border could reach as high as 1 million by the end of the year, potentially doubling last year’s level, federal officials told ABC News on Tuesday.

The estimate, which includes illegal crossings and people arriving at ports of entry, comes as administration officials say they have limited options when it comes to deterring families traveling with children. The influx has gotten so bad at places like El Paso, Texas, that the central processing center there was 395 percent over capacity last weekend, forcing officials to process people beneath a street overpass.

Federal officials told ABC News they predict there will be some 95,000 attempted crossings in March and possibly 100,000 in April. That would put attempted crossings at more than half a million — about the same number as in the entire 2018 budget year — with several months to go.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the numbers have not been publicly released.

Still, officials say the arrivals are no longer men from Mexico looking for work, but rather families fleeing poverty and violence in Central America. That complicates how border authorities have operated, now having to care for children.

The influx raises questions about whether the administration may have inadvertently encouraged migrants to travel to the U.S. after Trump backtracked on his zero-tolerance policy amid public backlash. That policy resulted in thousands of children separated from their parents.

Remember that once they breached the border, all these goblins have to do is scream “asylum” or “asilo” and they’ll get released back into the United States to wait for their asylum hearing date. It’s not clear why we’re wasting time and resources on trying to catch border rapists if we’re going to give them what they wanted in the first place: freedom to roam the United States.

Most of those attempting to cross the border will make it through. Being unable to cross the border in a specific moment does not mean they’ve failed to cross the border because they can just try again later in the same place or in a different place, as there is no border wall and no real barrier between the invading armies and our land.

To make everything more absurd, the fact that these invaders are bringing children with them suddenly means we have to “care for children.” Why? How about we just throw them back over the border?

Literally throwing goblins back to Mexico with a trebuchet would be less insane than the thing we have now where:

  • We stated that we don’t want to receive any “people” and that we’re trying to build a wall
  • Our Border Patrol tries to keep “migrants” from crossing
  • Those who cross and are caught can expect to be released so they wait for their “asylum hearing”
  • The invaders bring children so we have to “care” for the miniature invaders too
  • We have to do all of the above because our laws are working against us and in favor of the invaders

Trump backtracking his zero-tolerance policy is not the only thing that’s encouraging the invasion.

What level of schizo Alzheimer voice-hearing is needed to state that you’re building a wall to keep people out (when you’re not building anything) while also saying that you want the greatest number of people ever to come into the United States?