Border Chaos: Tear-Gassed Invaders, ICE Spread Too Thin, Nowhere to Warehouse Burrito Goblins

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 23, 2019

Goblins are not very smart creatures. When presented with two conflicting messages, they’ll choose to believe the one that suits them best.

There are two conflicting messages reaching their goblin brains right now:

  1. America wants to build the wall; they’re not wanted here
  2. “We’re going to have a lot of people coming into the country. We want a lot of people coming in. And we need it.”

Caravaneers want to believe.

…which is good for Trump, I guess. At least someone believes in him now. The caravans are cheering for him and his need for immigration.


US Border Patrol agents on Thursday fired tear gas at Central American migrants attempting to cross the border from the Mexican city of Tijuana, AFP journalists saw.

A group of migrants, including children, used an improvised rope to try to scale fencing installed on the beach between Tijuana and San Diego, California — but were forced back with tear gas, which agents had not deployed since January 1.

An AFP journalist witnessed only one migrant cross the border, where he was immediately detained.

It marked the third time in a week that a group of Central Americans had tried to cross the border to ask for asylum on the grounds their lives were threatened by violence at home.

Is there anything stopping whites from also claiming asylum? After all of those terror attacks, all of the violence that whites suffer at the hands of the diverse-skinned, all of the shit that is happening in South Africa…

Oh, right. White privilege.

The current “asylum” concept is ludicrous. If “life threatened by violence” is enough reason to grant someone asylum or to even consider their application, then anyone from anywhere can come here and claim asylum.

Is there anywhere in the world where people are safe from violence?

How do you even verify the asylum seeker’s claims? They come with nothing.

They’ll do anything to get inside.

They’ll say anything to get inside.

Even if you could objectively know how threatened their lives are…

Why is that our problem?

We have people of our own to take care of, and we have our own problems to solve.

On the first occasion, a week ago, around 50 people made it across, with about 10 more crossing on Tuesday. All were detained by authorities.

Someone brought them here, they train them because they know that upon crossing they must ask for asylum and that way they won’t be deported and they have to be processed according to US laws,” said one Tijuana policeman, who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak.

Yes, they are using our laws against us. We should change our laws to prevent foreigners from abusing them, but the easier solution would be to build a huge wall all across the Southern Border.

Really, this can’t go on any longer.

Fox 5:

US immigration arrests are down compared with last year, as illegal migrant crossings spike at the southern border and Immigration and Customs Enforcement has had to shift resources to the deal with the influx.

The agency has redirected “countless” resources and personnel in response to the “explosion at the border,” said Nathalie Asher, ICE acting executive associate director for enforcement and removal operations, on Thursday.

Our interior arrests have been affected because I’ve had to redirect to the priority, as a nation, in addressing what has been occurring and continues to occur at an alarming rate at the border,” she added.

Total arrests are down 12% compared with last year, according to data released by ICE on Thursday.

ICE is spreading too thin. They’re the only ones doing something to protect the border, but they don’t have enough funding to do everything. They can’t be in all places at once.

You know what can be in all places at once all across the border?

There was still hope back then

A wall.

There’s not even space to warehouse all of these burritos.

The border surge has also caused a huge increase in releases of migrant families from ICE custody into the interior of the country.

From December 21 to March 20, ICE released around 107,000 family members into the interior of the US.

“A staggering number,” Asher said.

In just one day in the Rio Grande Valley, Asher said, ICE released over 1,000 individuals.

Earlier this week, US Border Patrol, which polices the US land borders, took the very rare step of releasing migrant families directly from its custody with notices to appear in court — something that hasn’t been done since 1998, according to a DHS official.

In February, Border Patrol arrested 66,450 migrants illegally crossing the southern border, up nearly 150% from 26,666 arrests during the same month last year.

Every invader arrested after crossing the border is an additional asylum claim they have to process and an additional burrito they have to store somewhere.

By overwhelming America’s asylum-processing capacities with their numbers, the invaders got what they wanted. They were released into America. They are inside now, and you have to pay for them to replace you.

You have to give them your money so they feed all of the burrito goblins they make.

Without burrito goblins, the American economy will not survive.

The agency deported 66,549 undocumented immigrants in the first quarter of this year, up from 60,572 during the same period last year.

However, when asked why deportations are down from peak years, Asher said more people are “claiming fear of return to their home countries,” slowing down the process.

And they are getting caught up in prolonged court cases with significant backlogs, she said.

First they get in by claiming that they fear living in the shit-holes they made and then when you want to kick them out they stay anyways because they claim that they fear living in the shit-holes they made.

It’s like a joke.

Everything’s a giant joke.