Boomsplainer: “How MGTOW has Ruined DS, Message to the Younger Crowd”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 25, 2017

An older gentleman felt himself welcome to come to the DS BBS and explain to us young folks just what’s wrong with us in a post entitled “How MGTOW has ruined DS, message to the younger crowd.”

Young men don’t have enough respect for women, who are princesses who need to be treated right, he explained. Young men aren’t successful with women because they’re just not good enough, he said.

I think his post is so illustrative of the boomer mindset – and the fact that they have effectively declared war on their own children – that I’ve decided to give it some play here on the front page.

If you were wondering what I mean by “man-shaming,” this is what I mean by man-shaming.

Telling men that the reason they are having difficulty with women is that they just aren’t good enough.

This is boomer advice for young men 101: nothing is the fault of women, nothing is the fault of society as a whole, everything is your fault because you’re just not good enough. If you take issue with the behavior of women – even if it is simply to point at statistical facts – it is because you are pathetic.

These are the same people who pissed away our entire history – and with it any future for their own children – in order to role-play John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

They traded this.

For this.

They created this situation we are in by destroying the ancient, sacred institution of monogamy because they wanted to take acid and fuck each other in public like dogs at Woodstock.

And now they want to tell us how to live our lives – and explain to us that we are, as individuals, responsible for this society we were born into.

I responded to the above boomsplaining thusly:

  1. You don’t know what MGTOW is; it’s not an insult, it’s an actual movement on YouTube of men who have stopped dating because they don’t want to deal with women’s shit. This has never been promoted on this website.
  2. The idea that there are “good women out there somewhere and you just need to be a REAL MAN and go find them” is fucking absurd, and promoting it is insane. There is no data to support this theory. All there is is “I know this one guy…”
  3. How many men under 35 do you know who are happily married with kids? Even if you know several – and statistically, the probability is that you do not – most people do not know anyone in such a situation. So claiming this is because “men are all defective and just need to be better” is just about the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. Nuremberg trial-tier horseshit.
  4. Have you seen women today? You are claiming that the average man isn’t good enough for the average woman? Is that your actual claim?
  5. Even if it were true that the average man has less sexual appeal than the average female, it would be a mathematical impossibility that the average male is not good enough for the average female. That’s what “average” means.
  6. 50% of the population is male, the other half female, and in a monogamous system, everyone would be paired with someone in the range of their own sexual market place value.
  7. The articles on this website relating to male issues get more hits than any other type of article, they are bringing people into the movement by showing them we actually care about them and are willing to do things that help them – things that effect their real lives.
  8. I don’t know any man who has had his life personally destroyed by a Jew. I don’t know a man who hasn’t had his life personally destroyed by a woman. Most of them, more than once.
  9. No one is arguing for “treating women like shit.” The only thing that I or anyone else you’re whining about is arguing is that women should be treated the same way they were throughout all of history. You boomer feminists aren’t simply devoid of moral authority or basic understanding of reality, you also appear to be completely uneducated. Calling “wife beating” (which is in fact “physical discipline”) “sand nigger degeneracy” is like calling outlawing homosexuality or banning usury “sand nigger degeneracy.” Moslems doing something that Jews told you was wrong to do does not make it “degeneracy.” All throughout white history, physical discipline of his wife was considered a husband’s duty. Up until the enlightenment, this was taken as a given. Read the Wikipedia page on the history of so-called “domestic violence.” It is a simple fact that women occasionally need physical discipline. The Jews pushed the “domestic violence” hysteria in the sixties as part of their agenda to destroy the white race by breaking down the family.
  10. You baby boomers did this to us, and basically, you should just shut the fuck up.

Many others had similarly disrespectful words for this elder, come down from his mountain of consumer products bought with debt he offered up his children’s blood as collateral on.

Allow me to share a few, just so you get a general idea of what the general community thinks of being boomsplained to.

So, yeah.

Boomsplaining: not popular.

People are righteously angry at what the boomers left us, which is a completely wrecked culture and society, a buried history and heritage and a mountain of debt.

YES I KNOW NOT ALL BOOMERS: Yes, I understand that not all boomers fit this model. I also understand that boomerism is a sociological phenomenon, and thus not the fault of any single individual. It was, as everything else, organized by Jews.

However, the lack of personal responsibility by individual boomers for the way the boomers as a generation destroyed our civilization by breaking their link in the chain that goes back to ancient Greece and before does not mean that they have valuable advice, or should be taken seriously.

Regarding “MGTOW”

As I mentioned in my above bulletpoints, “MGTOW” is not simply some insult for men who are against feminism.

It is a movement of men who have sworn off women completely. For some of them, it is simply that they cannot get a women, for others, it is that they have been divorced or been through a series of very bad relationships, and they’ve decided that modern women suck up way more energy than they are worth.

I have never promoted this.

I DO promote men putting themselves first, and improving their own lives before thinking about women, but I have never promoted the idea that men should swear off women, and I will not promote that. Though I haven’t spent much time on it, I may and probably will promote that men do not get legally married, and instead live with a commonlaw wife (note that if one is especially religious, a religious marriage ceremony can be held in a church without signing formal legal papers).

That having been said, none of the MGTOW movement’s conclusions about the behavior of modern women can really be argued with.

I think it is wrong to say that they are “helping white genocide” because they refuse to spend all of their energy trying to convince a woman to do something she doesn’t want to do (get married and have kids).

White genocide is a phenomenon which of course the Jews are ultimately responsible for, in that they created this situation of feminism. However, it is the female that is making this happen in the real world. The idea that if women withheld sex until marriage, that men would not marry them and work to raise their children is nonsensical. The reason men are becoming MGTOW (and this is a relatively small group of men) is specifically because women are refusing this duty.

So, it should never be described as “male feminism” or some other such thing. It is a cynical male reaction to feminism.

It is also not something to worry about, in terms of the men involved in it (it is something to worry about in terms of what kind of society we live in that creates such a movement).

There are still plenty more men out there trying to find a woman to settle down and have babies with then there are women willing to settle down and have babies, and that will always be the case.

And if more women were willing to settle down and get married and have kids, MGTOW would cease to exist, as it only exists because so few women are interested in doing that.

So, let’s do a bullet point summary:

  • MGTOW does not mean “being against feminism”
  • MGTOW is not an insult, it is an actual movement of men who self-identify as having sworn-off pursuing women in response to the behavior of modern women
  • I have never promoted MGTOW
  • MGTOW is not “male feminism” it is a reaction to feminism
  • MGTOW is not “contributing to white genocide”
  • White genocide is, in completely practical terms, exclusively the result of white women refusing to have children

I will add that MGTOW is not something that I feel should be mocked. That is simply more man-shaming. Telling men they have to go out and chase women or they’re not “doing their duty” is insane. These are men who have been damaged by women, who are trying to salvage something of their lives.

Also note that I am only familiar with the basics of MGTOW, having listened to a few of the popular YouTubers and browsed a few of the more popular blogs. I have given you my impression of what it is here, and I believe what I’ve written reflects the mainline thrust (or lack thereof) of this sad social movement.

Man-Shaming: Not Even Once

I do not believe in man-shaming, under any circumstances. I believe that we should be there for our white brothers, and offer understanding. The woman issue is one that we all deal with in our day-to-day lives.

We are all dealing with these issues:

  • Some men can’t get laid at all
  • Some men can’t make a long-term relationship work
  • Some men think they’ve made a long term relationship work, get married, then lose their families
  • Some men are able to keep their wives, but remain in a state of misery, where they are nagged, belittled and berated

None of this is good, and none of it is something that we as men should be forced to accept. It is something we should fight against.

Maybe some men get lucky. I don’t know any from my generation or anyone a decade older.

The best I know is a family where they married when the woman was 27 and the man 31. The woman had already had 2 kids by two different men, the man 4 kids by three different women. They have one kid together. They really do love each other, and they’ve been “married” 8 years (legally for 4), and I think they will stay together until death do they part.

That is literally the best situation that I am personally aware of, and I know a lot of people. And I am straight upper-middle class whitebred.

Denial of what is happening, and the continued lying chant of “there are good women out there, you just have to be alpha and go find them” is a vicious and destructive denial of reality, and it is evil.

It is a lie that exists to empower whores and blame young men for a situation they have zero control over.

I am sick of it.

Yes, This Website is Going to Continue to Focus on Male Issues

I believe that male issues are the single biggest way to bring new people into our movement. We have to be offering them something. Most men are not intellectual. Pussy is not an intellectual issue, and it is something that all men (nb4 except faggots) is concerned about. The articles about male issues on this site get approximately 500% (that 5x) more views than articles about Jews.

The Jews are obviously the most important issue, as the Jews are the ones who caused this situation with women and every other problem we have. However, the purpose of this site is to bring into the movement as many young men as possible, and we do that by addressing issues that matter to the average person.

The other reason it is important to me to talk about male issues, a much less practical or strategical reason, is that I genuinely care about other men, and I want to be there for them in whatever capacity I am able to be. Running a popular website gives me an opportunity to speak directly to millions of people. And I want to use that power to help others.

Men deserve to know that they are not alone. They deserve to know that this is not their fault. And they deserve to know that there is a group of people who are planning on fixing this problem.

If you do not like that articles relating to traditional sex roles and male issues will be featured on this website regularly alongside articles about Jews, blacks, Moslems, homosexuals and other perverts, geopolitics, etc. then please, simply stop coming to this website. Do not bother to post on the forum about it, do not bother to write me an email about it, just stop coming to, and your problem will be solved.