Booming India: World’s Largest Vaccine Factory Explodes

India, folks – it’s the wave of the future.

They might shit in the streets and kidnap toddlers and torture them to death in satanic rituals to fix the money problems caused by terminator seeds from Jewish chemical company Monsanto, but they sure are good at making pharmaceuticals.

They just gotta figure out a way to keep the factories from randomly exploding.

“Prevention of random factory explosions” is basically the last hurdle left before India becomes the next Japan or South Korea.

To this day, experts still can’t explain why India, with their massive population and industriousness, are so far behind the rest of Asia in terms of development, shitting in the street out in front of their exploding factories whilst Korea is the world’s biggest producer of high-end electronics.

It’s just a roll of the dice, really: sometimes you roll a 106, sometimes you roll an 82.

New York Post:

A large fire broke out Thursday inside the sprawling complex of the Serum Institute of India, the world’s biggest vaccine manufacturer.

Images from Reuters partner ANI showed smoke billowing out of a building in SII’s massive complex in the western city of Pune, in southern Maharashtra state.

“Thank you everyone for your concern and prayers,” SII CEO Adar Poonawalla said on Twitter. “So far the most important thing is that there have been no lives lost or major injuries due to the fire, despite a few floors being destroyed.”

He added in a later tweet: “I would like to reassure all governments & the public that there would be no loss of #COVISHIELD production due to multiple production buildings that I had kept in reserve to deal with such contingencies at @SerumInstIndia.”

Oh thank Ganesh.

That was my first thought when I read the headline: “oh sweet Ganesh, I hope the #COVISHIELD is okay.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if MAGA terrorists attacked this Indian vaccine factory based on the discredited QAnon conspiracy theory amplified by Russian hackers that the vaccine is experimental and potentially unsafe.

I’ve heard that racist cops were helping Baked Alaska communicate with his insurrectionist sedition cell from jail via white supremacist hand-signals, and ordering them to interrupt vaccine distribution*.

Trump lawyer Lin Wood had alleged earlier in the week on secretive insurrectionist MAGA website Parler that Mike Pence was planning to leave the inauguration of Joe Biden through a satanic pedophile tunnel and quickly arrive in India to personally oversee the injection of 5G-controlled nanobots into #COVIDSHIELD**.

*That’s a joke, FBI. Please don’t cite this as a source in an indictment and charge Baked with creating an insurrection cell in India using hand signals.

**I didn’t actually read him say that on Parler, but basically, if he tweeted enough times, he would eventually tweet that, and Parler is down right now, so it’s like, Schrödinger’s Lin Wood Post.