Boomers are Coming Around: Two Grandpas Spotted at Trump Rally with Pro-Russia T-Shirts

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2018

It is so rare to see Boomers doing something reasonable, that it’s worth writing up.


Two ardent Republicans expressed their support for US President Donald Trump — and their disdain for the Democratic Party — in a fairly original way during a rally held by the president in Ohio at the weekend.

Cleveland photographer Jeremy Pelzer spotted the two friends, who had travelled from the city of Delaware to attend the Trump rally, wearing matching t-shirts displaying the controversial slogan: “I’d rather be a Russian than a Democrat.”

This is a variation on an old pickup line I use when hitting on shitlib women.

Q: So you’re like a fascist or something?

A: Better a fascist than a faggot.

I’m 2/2 with that line.

Anyways, I believe that this is good rhetorical/pick-up technique: agree and amplify. 

Q: Are you a Russian spy?

A: Better a Russian than a DemocRAT.

Instead of denying, you flip the script. Very effective technique.

Unsurprisingly, the photograph has since gone viral and the seemingly pro-Russia sentiment has Democrats fired up in outrage at the thought of Trump supporters “proudly choosing Russia over their fellow Americans”.

“Fellow Americans.”

Niggers and Jews and Liberals are not my fellow Americans, bub.

You don’t stop being an American for holding opinions contrary to the liberal-Jew consensus. That’s not how it works. And since when are Liberals so patriotic?

Baffling stuff.


Get used to it, liberals. People are starting to think tribally. They’re starting to realize that Russians haven’t turned American cities into war zones, and that millions of Russians aren’t displacing White Americans.

What these… people fear more than anything else, is White solidarity. They fear people finding out that they’ve got far more in common with a Russian than a Somali with a green card.

And once people stop caring about “muh values” and more about blood…well this whole Jewish house of cards comes falling down.