Boomer-Whisperer Mike Cernovich Says It’s Anti-Semitic to Wonder If Epstein Worked for Mossad

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 15, 2019

I’m old enough to remember when Mike Cernovich was openly critical of Jews on Twitter.

Now, it’s anti-Semitic to suggest that a guy running a jailbait blackmail ring targeting politicians with the daughter of a Mossad agent could well be connected to the Mossad.

And meanwhile, on the other end of the “total reverse of 2015 norms” spectrum, we have Stefan Molyneux.

Besides his Jew truth posting, he’s been doing much else good.

This post is very underrated:

The important factor to understand here is that Stefan Molyneux became a Christian.

People who understand that there is more to life than the material, and that our true purpose here on earth is to prepare our souls for the world beyond the material, are brave. And they are willing to stand up to evil.

Vapid low IQ morons like Mike Cernovich who believe that this life is all there is will willingly sell their souls – because what good is a soul if you do not believe in eternity?

The good news is, Cernovich has no audience. No one is interested in a dull idiot with no understanding of anything babbling incessantly about nothing. The only people that listen to him are confused boomers who need to be told what to do by someone really dumb or they get even more confused than they usually are.

But the internet loves Stefan Molyneux now. His character arc has been truly inspiring.