Oregon: Man Pulls Gun After Car Surrounded by Rioters – Rioter Draws Gun to Challenge Him

In Eugene, Oregon over the weekend, the rioters blocked the road as they do. When a man in a truck tried to make it through, his vehicle was surrounded. He pulled a gun, as is reasonable. When he pulled a gun, a member of the protest movement ran up on him with a gun. Such a big man!

The scene did not make national news, and only resulted in a single sentence from the local media, in an article about the Eugene riots turning into riots.

Register Guard:

Eight were arrested Saturday night in Eugene, one for firing a gun in the crowd during the confrontation with counter protesters and others for vandalism of property downtown early Sunday morning

A protest for the Black Lives Matter movement held in solidarity with Portland protesters Saturday night in Eugene was a night of clashing and close calls, as it almost immediately devolved into aggressive confrontation with counterprotesters and later property destruction downtown by some.

The deliberate property destruction was reminiscent of the first night of protests following the killing of George Floyd on May 29, where several businesses on Sixth Avenue were vandalized.

Eugene police initially stayed away from the groups courthouse [sic] Saturday night during a face-off between pro-Black Lives Matter protesters and counterprotesters who waved American flags and held All Lives Matter signs. Police monitored the situation remotely using drones, Eugene police said, and only made their presence known later that night just before midnight, after protesters had marched throughout downtown spray painting property, breaking windows and lighting trash cans on fire along the way.

Eugene police arrested a total of eight people Saturday night. Seven, including one juvenile, were arrested for rioting. The other person was arrested for unlawful use of a weapon, related to a gun fired during the counter protest confrontation.

But things boiled over when a counterprotester tried to cross through the protester’s line, protesters pushed back and a physical fight ensued between the two groups.

Even before this, one counterprotester had pulled out what appeared to be a Taser and used it on people in the crowd a little before 9 p.m. At one point, a shot was fired into the air, and a University of Oregon Daily Emerald journalist also captured a short video showing a man in a truck and a protester clad in black pointing guns at each other.

As of 9:30 p.m., Eugene police were not present at the scene, but a Eugene police news release said police were monitoring from further away.

Eventually, the group of protesters (which spanned at least three blocks) pushed counterprotesters back from the courthouse and up Pearl Street. There were about 30 counterprotesters at this time.

Phase 2: Property damage, clash of ideals

Protesters later took to the streets and broke or vandalized the property of several businesses after speakers called on people to dismantle the capitalistic systems in Eugene during a regrouping rally at the courthouse.

“We are here because we believe our community deserves the money from the police department,” one speaker said. “Not a cent should go to the police, to the prison system or to ICE.” They said Black and Indigenous people deserve liberation, and urged the crowd to dismantle the state.

“The state does not care about us — the state cares about property,” they yelled into a megaphone. “Property does not feel. Property destruction is not violent.”

This is now a part of the new normal.

They are going to come at you, with guns, and the media will not make mention of it.