Boomer Rising: 76-Year-Old John Kerry Wants to Enter Presidential Race to End Bernie

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 3, 2020

John Kerry: More Botox than Carrie Fischer

Another walking corpse, 76-year-old John Kerry, has apparently been toying with getting the band back together for one last ride into the sunset.

It is incredible to me that no one is complaining about the fact that news articles about boomers have removed the standard journalistic practice of listing a man’s age.

NBC News:

Former Secretary of State John Kerry — one of Joe Biden’s highest-profile endorsers — was overheard Sunday on the phone at a Des Moines hotel explaining what he would have to do to enter the presidential race amid “the possibility of Bernie Sanders taking down the Democratic Party — down whole.”

Sitting in the lobby restaurant of the Renaissance Savery hotel, Kerry was overheard by an NBC News analyst saying “maybe I’m f—ing deluding myself here” and explaining that in order to run, he’d have to step down from the board of Bank of America and give up his ability to make paid speeches. Kerry said donors like venture capitalist Doug Hickey would have to “raise a couple of million,” adding that such donors “now have the reality of Bernie.”

Asked about the call later on Sunday, Kerry said that he was “absolutely not” contemplating joining the Democratic primary race. He reiterated this sentiment in a tweet later, saying that “any report otherwise is f—ing (or categorically) false.” Minutes later, he deleted the tweet and reposted it without the expletive.

Why would he put the f-word in a tweet?

Probably because he’s a senile boomer.

He told NBC News later on Sunday that, “This is a complete and total misinterpretation based on overhearing only one side of a phone conversation. A friend who watches too much cable called me wondering whether I’d ever jump into the race late in the game if Democrats were choosing an unelectable nominee. I listed all the reasons I could not possibly do that and would not — and will not under any circumstances — do that.”

It’s not clear how serious Kerry was on the call about jumping into the race. But that he would even discuss the possibility suggests that prominent members of the Democratic Party remain deeply unsettled by the current field, Sanders’ strength in the polls, and the ability of any candidate to defeat President Donald Trump.

It also suggests that Kerry, who has campaigned with Biden in Iowa and New Hampshire, may be nervous about the former vice president’s chances ahead of Monday’s first-in-the-nation primary caucuses. At a North Liberty, Iowa, campaign event on Saturday, Kerry spoke both after and for longer than Biden did.

Clearly, the entire party is concerned about the stability of Joe Biden, and the situation is shockingly similar to the 2016 Republican situation. Jeb Bush was the presumed nominee before the show started and then he lost like a quantum robot designed to lose things.

Both Jeb Bush and Joe Biden were designed to lose things – they were designed to lose the general election. They were supposed to win the primaries, but when you have a being designed to lose, it can start losing early.

Joe and Jeb: Premature losers.

Now, the Democrats are facing the same fate that the GOP faced when a weird outsider ran up on them and captured the standard of the party. Bernie Sanders may or may not win the general election – most likely, he will not – but the fact that he is on course to win the nomination means that he will permanently alter the status quo within the party. After having Bernie as the standard bearer, the Democrats will not be able to roll things back to business as usual.

The fact that outsider figures can so easily take over either party really goes to show just how weak and broken the American “democracy” system is. The people of both parties have been forced for decades to vote not for their own party, but against the other party. Fear politics have been used on both sides to get people out to the polls to pull the lever for things they do not believe in.

Goyim will do what the box tells goyim to do.

Republicans fear abortion, gun control and high taxes. Democrats fear abortion control, guns and entitlement cuts. These are superficial issues in the great scheme of things, and the emotional connection of the American people to these things has allowed a corporation-dominated Jewish war machine to roll over the population.

The shocking thing is that the reasons Democrats like Bernie are very similar to the reasons that Republicans liked Trump.

It didn’t have to be like this.

Both 2016 Trump and 2020 Bernie were/are:

  • Anti-war
  • Anti-free trade
  • Anti-government establishment (big party, mainstream politicians, intelligence agencies, bureaucracy)
  • Pro-economic bolstering of the middle class

Before 2020, Bernie was even more like Trump, supporting strict border controls and opposing all forms of gun control. He’s been bullied out of these positions, but the fact that he held them into his 70s speaks to the kind of figure he is and what he represents.

It all could lead a person to believe that there should be a third party in America that opposes both of these main two corporate/Jew parties by combining elements of right and left populism.

This is obviously a fantasy, given that people are simply so responsive to the media, and given that the tech oligarchs have done such a brilliant job in shutting down alternative media. People will continue to be emotionally instigated on both sides, and refuse to come together with people they’ve been propagandized into believing are evil.

But it really is a shame.

I can picture a situation in which the people could come together around a movement that was:

  • Anti-corporation
  • Anti-war
  • Anti-globalism
  • Anti-immigration
  • Pro-free healthcare
  • Pro-student loan abolishment
  • Pro-environmentalism
  • Pro-video game

It isn’t going to happen.

But I will continue to dream of a Carlson/Gabbard ticket in 2024.

We can dream of a non-boomer reality.