Boomer Prime Panics, Deletes Account! Escapes with the Stolen Money!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2019

A few hours ago, Boomer Prime released a final video (that I didn’t get to watch in time) and then panic-deleted his account, escaping the internet.

I can only assume that the non-stop downboating and HateFacts that this guy was bombarded with over the last three days finally broke him. Although, according to 4/pol/, some Aussie (of course) doxxed the old man the other day and the Boomer found out.

I assume that at that point, someone sent the guy a pillow over Amazon Prime and he realized that he had poked a hornet’s nest of angry autists over on the Chans.

Or maybe it was us. Who knows.

What we can be certain of is that whatever his reason for escaping, it wasn’t that he realized he was wrong.

I’m very disappointed that he left though.

I unironically enjoyed his videos.

It felt good to get in my morning rage at the Eternal Boomer.

But now he’s gone – off to suffer in silence and ignominy with the 500k a year in profits he clears from his business and his 6 sullen Millennial employees that he abuses and threatens to replace with Pedro as he cackles, leans back in his rocking chair and cracks out his bootstraps threateningly.

In the meantime, here is my substitute Boomer. 

Now, this one’s a bit smarter and he’s got some good zingers, so tread lightly.

I’ve dubbed him Boomberbee.

And the MAGA 2020 cup should clue you in that we’re dealing with a basic bitch “screw you, I got mine” conservative Boomer. Furthermore, the Hawaiin shirt and exotic palm tree scenery screams “Boomer retiree who ran away to Costa Rica” (or who knows maybe it’s just Florida).

Long story short, this Boomer really likes to “tell it like it is” which means he will probably only last 3 days from the moment he makes a video critiquing lazy Millennials just like the last guy.

So please play nice with him.

I’m running out of Boomers to watch on YouTube and I’m tempted to just take my toys and go home if you destroy this guy the same way you did Boomer Prime.