Boomer Facebook Watch: Senior Texas Republican Calls for Mitt Romney to be Killed

The normie has begun to hate, and they are all just calling for people to be murdered.

You see, they don’t have the background with this stuff that we have. They don’t know you’re not supposed to just openly call for violence on the internet like this.


Twitter users have urged the FBI to visit a senior member of the Texas Republican Party, after he hinted that Senator Mitt Romney should be executed for opposing a plan to block the certification of the 2020 election results.

Terry Harper, a district chairman of the State Republican Executive Committee, the governing board of the GOP in Texas, lashed out at the Utah lawmaker and former presidential candidate after he argued that the Republican “ploy” to challenge the certification process on January 6 “dangerously threatens our Democratic Republic.”

“Romney should be introduced to our friend Mr Guillotine,” Harper wrote in a Facebook reply. 

The incendiary remark was screengrabbed by a local journalist. The threatening comment appears to have been wiped from Harper’s social media account, but that didn’t stop internet users from crying foul over the provocative post.

Numerous commenters urged the FBI to intervene, arguing that the Facebook message was a clear death threat. Local authorities should not get involved, however, one observer said, predicting that the cops would “shrug and laugh and then maybe ‘like’ his post.”

These people still think that some kind of system of justice exists, and that the cops are on their side, and other childish fairy tales.

They need to relax and listen to the veterans.

The plan has to be to chill and to act logically and calmly – not go on the internet and start calling for mass slaughters.

But hey – I’ve got no influence on this. I’ve been totally banned from social media, which is the only place normies get their information. So I’m just a spectator.

It’s unfortunate, because they would probably listen to me at this point.