Boomer Cuck: “Everybody is Going to be Better Off Once Old White Guys Like Me are Dead…”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 2, 2017

This clip is from “America By The Numbers: Our Private Idaho,” a PBS documentary from 2014.

Is there a generational thing?

Oh, absolutely.

I have met maybe only one or two young racists that were more racist than their parents.

Almost 100% of the time they’re less racist than their parents.

So, part of this greater America that we see on the horizon and that is arriving daily is just simply waiting for old white guys like me to die off, and we’re gonna have a new America.

And you’re okay saying that?

Oh, absolutely.

With a smile!

Oh, yeah, sure.

Everybody’s gonna be better off when my generation is gone.

Everybody’s gonna be better off.

I absolutely agree that everyone is going to be better off when baby boomers are dead*, but for the opposite reason of the one this guy is giving.

The only boomers I have ever met who were racists were members of the totally disenfranchised white working class. Seriously. The entire boomer middle class is so cucked it’s like satire. These are the people who pissed our entire thousands of years old civilization away in order to feel good about themselves by socially signaling about how altruistic they were when in actual fact their altruism cost them nothing – it was all put on their children.

Just look at the pro-white boomer movement. Look at Stormfront. Even all of the public activists from that age group. Other than David Duke, they are all working class. William Pierce was Silent Generation.

The Alt-Right on the other hand, which emerged independently of the boomer white nationalist movement, is almost entirely middle class (part of that is just the fact that the working class of our generation has been blown out by drugs).

We are all more racist than our parents. We all grew up with our parents telling us racism was evil.

The generation under us, the kids still in school, is going to be even more extreme. Where we’ve said “Hitler was right,” they are going to say “Hitler was a cuck.”

So, yeah. We’re all going to be better off when the boomers are dead. There will be nothing standing in the way of a NEW AGE.

*#NOTALLBOOMERS – If you are a boomer who is not a cuck, please understand you’re not included in this and don’t send me some whiny email. Whiny emails just make you look guilty. Generalizations about groups do not necessarily include every individual member of a group (you’d think racists would be aware of that, but you guys can’t imagine the number of emails I get from boomers whenever I make a comment about them).