BOOM! US Restores Health Protections for Trannies

“I’m a strong and independent woman trying for a pregnancy.”

If genitals and biology don’t matter, do doctors have to take men who say they’re women seriously when they complain about period pain or miscarriages?


The U.S. will protect gay and transgender people against sex discrimination in health care, the Biden administration announced Monday, reversing a Trump-era policy that sought to narrow the scope of legal rights in sensitive situations involving medical care.

The action by the Department of Health and Human Services affirms that federal laws forbidding sex discrimination in health care also protect gay and transgender people. The Trump administration had defined “sex” to mean gender assigned at birth, thereby excluding transgender people from the law’s umbrella of protection.

“Fear of discrimination can lead individuals to forgo care, which can have serious negative health consequences,” said HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra. “Everyone — including LGBTQ people — should be able to access health care, free from discrimination or interference, period.”

Becerra said in a statement the Biden administration policy will bring HHS into line with a landmark 6-3 Supreme Court decision last year in a workplace discrimination case, which established that federal laws against sex discrimination on the job also protect gay and transgender people.

Despite that ruling, the Trump administration proceeded to try to narrow the legal protections against health care discrimination, issuing rules that narrowly defined “sex” as biological gender. A federal judge had blocked those rules from taking effect, although Trump administration officials argued that as a legal matter health care discrimination was a separate issue from the employment case the Supreme Court decided.

Monday’s action means that the HHS Office for Civil Rights will again investigate complaints of sex discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Hospitals, clinics and other medical providers can face government sanctions for violations of the law.

The transgender period question isn’t rhetorical.

There was a famous reddit post of a tranny saying he had his sex change (dick mutilated and balls cut off) and wondered when he’d get his period.

That could have been a joke.

But this isn’t:

Here’s a self-evident fact that is apparently now a revolutionary statement: people who endorse the delusions of trannies are actually hurting these people.

Trannies have infamously high suicide rates.

Aside from that, it’s well documented that most children who think they are the opposite sex grow out of it by the time they’re done with puberty.

Taking a child who claims to want to be the opposite sex and injecting them with hormones is like taking a child who wants to be an astronaut and firing him on a rocket into deep space.

Or like taking a child who wants to be a cowboy and putting him on a rodeo horse so he can get his head stomped in.

Or like taking a child who wants to be a deep sea diver and dumping him in the ocean.

It’s not something kind or gentle.

All of this tranny stuff is abuse.

The government is supporting this because they hate the population, and they want to hurt us.