BOOM! Trump Administration Not Getting Credit From MSM for World Buttseks Campaign

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 29, 2019

Lest we forget: every day Orange Hitler is in power is another day where an African is forced at gunpoint by Navy SEALs to sodomize his neighbors in Botswana. This is exactly what making America great again was all about. It’s important that the voters know this going into 2020.

Some people are confused and don’t see the relation to MAGA.

For that, they need a great speaker and spokesman to come out and explain the situation to them: enter the Mouth of MAGA.

The Mouth of MAGA himself, Charlie Kirk, is out there talking about the White House’s commitment to promoting Globo-Homo again.

For those who don’t know, Charlie Kirk came onto the scene when he spearheaded the campaign to get conservatives to wear diapers on college campuses to own the goddamn libs.

Now, he’s out there explaining how we’re going to make sodomites out of all our allies and blow their countries to bits if they refuse to dedicate an entire channel to playing back-to-back episodes of My Name is Jazz and streaming clips from the Desmond is Amazing Instagram page for public consumption.

So far, it is unclear why Charlie Kirk is so heavily invested in promoting sodomy.

Some say that he is being rewarded handsomely for his efforts…

Others say that his debilitating face disease has spread to his brain after a GRIDS-related health complication, leading to his general coherence and newfound desire to create a cult centered around Charlie Kirk and his life teachings.

But the key takeaway is that you will never stop hearing about the gays… ever.

You’re going to have to become gay eventually (and don a diaper if you are a conservative), but only if Trump is re-elected in 2020 and we finally get the lying Nazi Dems to stop being bigots and just open the border to allow millions of AIDS-infected Botswanans to come over here… LEGALLY!