BOOM! Libs BTFO as Sodomite Fox News Anchor Gets Gay Married

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 9, 2019

Liberal democracy only gives you the illusion of choice. In reality, everyone who matters is secretly (and not so secretly anymore) buttfucking around behind the scenes.

Fox News:

Fox News contributor Guy Benson married his boyfriend of four years, Adam Wise, on Saturday.

The couple tied the knot in front of 150 guests at the Charles Krug Winery in Napa Valley, Calif., People reported.

Wise, 24, said of Benson, “We’re both organized and driven human beings. We just work well together. We’re best friends. He’s my home.”

Benson, 34, is also the political editor for Wise is a consultant for the federal government, according to the report.

The pair met after Benson came out as gay on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” in 2015, where he’d been promoting his book, “End of Discussion.”

Whenever people start talking about human beans or society, you just know that they’re in deep with Globo-Homo.

It’s been said a million times but it bears repeating: the two-party system is a sham.

We have a situation now where liberals are inviting in the same people who will eventually roof them when they establish a caliphate, and conservatives are rightly pointing out that we need to keep at least some of these people out because they will kill all the people who are buttfucking each other eventually – and that the only way to keep our libertarian sodomite paradise going is to deny entry to certain peoples who want to destroy it.

This is the Intellectual Dork Web in a nutshell.

It’s almost like the liberals have already gorged themselves at the buffet and now feel sick and bloated and want to vomit in the toilet, while the conservatives want to keep the buffet going for a bit longer because they haven’t had their fill yet.

No one is going to tell you that this degeneracy has to end. No one is going to come out and say that society should not be geared towards catering to the whims of sodomites and other assorted freaks.

Fox News certainly isn’t.

Liberals say that the whole world should be invited into our country – where they will eventually succumb to and join the freak parade. Meanwhile, conservatives claim that the garish freak parade can only continue if we keep out the more backward people of the world from ruining the fun.

That’s the frame of the debate. Step out of it and prepare to find yourself in a political no man’s land and in Neon-Nazi territory.

Game over. You’re shut down and shut out of the debate, forever.

Personally, I’m of the opinion that we should simply encourage the worst proclivities of the Far-Left. And seeing as most of the official Far-Right is a tranny-hecking Fed shitshow we really shouldn’t have any real moral qualms about this Real Politik course change.

Above all else, keep this in mind: the Far Left wants to self-immolate. They hate their lives and they’re one missed Xanax prescription away from a total mental breakdown. The edifice of our sick and corrupt society is crumbling and yet, like an old, used-up whore, we see the elites cake on the make-up to cover the cracks in the rotting flesh.

There is a lot worth saving in Amerika, but the conservatives won’t do anything to preserve it. In the meantime, the Far-Left continues to drift further and further into uncharted unhinged crazy “burn it all down” territory.

Something tells me that Fox News isn’t going to do anything to stop them.