BOOM: Comedian Makes Hilarious Joke About Christchurch Mosque Cleansing, Hasn’t Apologized Yet

Oh man oh man oh boy wow.

An Australian comedian with a big beard, Isaac Butterfield, known for his shock humor, made a joke last week about the Christchurch mosque shooting, which is just so precious to me.

He said:

This Australian extremist stormed this building, this mosque, this room, where people were saying their prayers, and going about their business, and for me, the saddest thing about that wasn’t the 52 people who were killed. It wasn’t the countless others who had their lives changed forever because their family members were taken from them. It was the hundreds of people that night who couldn’t make it home from nightclubs in Christchurch because all the cabbies were dead.

The crowd made a whole helluva lot of noise before ending in huge claps. Honestly, the only thing I take issue with here is that he didn’t drop the mic. He deserved to drop the mic.

It was just – that is so beautiful, on every single possible level.

This is exactly what we need in our society: we need to have these sacred cows burned down by jokes. That is the only way to break through this solid wall of mind enslavement that has been built up around us. You have to laugh at the absurdity of making dead hajis a sacred event.

Thus far, at time of writing, Butterfield has yet to apologize for the joke. Instead, he released a video joking about the fact that people are angry about the joke.

He did the same thing last year when he was attacked over a Holocaust joke. Total lack of apologies. That time, he even compared it to the shooting of the church in Sri Lanka, saying that the Jewish media cares more about him joking about dead Jews than they care about the actual murder of Christians.

This man deserves golden prizes.

Honestly, he should just immediately be made the leader of Australia. Or of all white countries. Or the world, in total.

He is a complete hero.

Anyone who questions anything now is that – a hero.

Anyone who refuses to bow down.

Of course, what it means for him is that he cannot possibly have a career. There is no room for freedom of artistic expression in this world – let me tell you so, because I know a thing or two about that.

But God will remember him. God will remember that he stuck up for freedom.

He broke through the lies of the system and laid the whole thing out, bare and naked. He showed the absolute weakness of this system, its total inability to defend itself.

He is a true hero.