Boofhead Defends Muslim Slags Against Champion Aussie Blokes

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
May 26, 2015

Smash ya, mate!
Smash ya, mate!

A complete dickhead has singlehandedly proven that diversity equals division by taking sides with three Muslim whores against two Aussie working men. Yes, folks, this is another “racist train story,” notice a pattern with these things?

If we’re to believe the Juden media, trains are mobile fight cages where innocent non-Whites are pitted against brutal racist Whites and forced to fend for themselves until a (cough) hero like this gronk comes along.

According to The Age, Jason Cias, 36, was on his way home from work on a Craigieburn-bound train when he was compelled to step up and defend three Muslim women from a couple of bigoted brutes in high-vis vests.

Relying as we are on a likely biased account from a diversity-loving liberal social justice warrior, three headscarf-adorned women — one older and two younger — joined the train. When one of these hanky heads tried to sit next to one of the young Aussie troopers, he couldn’t help but to state that, “You shouldn’t be wearing that shit in Australia.”

Moslem women: Their honor runs deep.
Moslem women: Their honor runs deep.

This is where the SJW account gets dodgy, because The Age words it that “the young woman tried to put the [men] in their place, asking them what their problem was, and it sparked a heated exchange.” So right away we have a number disagreement because one man makes a comment but the ‘men’ get ‘put in their place.’

Regardless, this Cias-attributed account continues as the reporter describes how the older of the carpet crones tried to “calm the situation in Arabic”, which probably translates as spit out insults like a cranky horse in her dirty wog tongue.

One of these Aussie fellas then parlayed the foreign guff by pointing out, “You shouldn’t be speaking that shit in Australia.”

This is where the heroic Cias claims that when the women left the train at North Melbourne one of the two chaps purportedly yelled, “I’ll f—ing smash ya!”

This was too much for the worldly, chivalrous Cias who upbraided these subhuman yobbos. Stepping up to the Nazi scum, he scolded them, “Mate, they’re women!”

His gallant interjection then earned him a clobber to the cheek after being told to mind his own business. He sobbed to The Age, “Even though the guy stood up and was acting aggressively, I didn’t expect to get punched. After that I walked towards him and grabbed his collar and held him at arm’s length and told him I would be laying charges.”

By that we assume he means, he’d be laying an egg.

Another commuter then got involved and the fascist thugs moved to another carriage. But this would be far from the end of the matter, because Cias and two witnesses left the train with the full intention of involving authorities, especially since one, Katie Parker, 28, had captured some of it on her stupid android phone. Wasting no time, they rang police with their savage story of racial fury on the inter-city Craigieburn express.

Ms Parker was particularly female about the whole thing, practically having her period as she told the reporter, “It was awful to witness that sort of violence in the middle of the day … Jason just said one sentence calmly and he [the attacker] was really aggressive at the drop of a hat for no logical reason.”

Well, yeah, there was a logical reason — yet again diversity is dividing Australians who’re being split along the lines of those who support these freedom-hating invaders, and those who have the nuts to step up and speak their mind.

The fuzz then turned up, took statements, and the slightly bruised Cias probably went off to root Ms Parker who was doubtlessly impressed by his social justice warrior credentials.

Police are now seeking witnesses and Cias will be telling everyone he encounters about his battles against “the fash”. And in future there’ll be a statue erected in his honour which some militant fundamentalist Islamics will then come along and blow up for being idolatry.