Bongo-Bongo Planning a “Movement” Against Trump…!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 16, 2017

So this monkey is just openly declaring a war against the President.

NBC News:

As President Obama gave his farewell address to the nation on Tuesday night, he also began the shift to a third stage of his political career. The once young, idealistic senator-turned-two-term-president will soon become an influential strategist and ally to those worried about the future with Donald Trump at the helm of the most powerful nation on the planet.

Obama nodded to this new role in his speech Tuesday. He did not directly criticize his successor, but used lines like “I reject discrimination against Muslim-Americans” that were clearly aimed at Trump and delighted the audience of more than 20,000 Democrats who crowded into McCormick Place to hear his final address as president.

His path forward is still evolving. Prior to November’s election, Obama and his aides had hinted that the outgoing president would limit his future involvement in politics and instead focus on writing a book chronicling his eight years in office, use his foundation to expand his “My Brother’s Keeper” program and give speeches and join boards, as other ex-presidents have done.

But now, Obama’s chief achievements, such as his climate change policies and the Affordable Care Act, are in danger of being gutted by the Republican Congress, the Democratic Party is in disarray and much of the country — and the world — is uncertain what a Trump presidency will bring.

So Obama is beginning to telegraph a post-presidency different from George W. Bush, who largely receded from politics altogether after his eight years in office. Obama has said that he will press the Democratic Party to organize more effectively, from fielding strong candidates in school board and state legislative elections across the country to making sure the party’s candidates campaign in more conservative areas.

“I think that if Hillary Clinton had won the election, then I’d just turn over the keys,” Obama told the New Yorker recently. “We’d make sure the briefing books were in order and out we go. I think now I have some responsibility to at least offer my counsel to those who will continue to be elected officials about how the DNC can help rebuild, how state parties and progressive organizations can work together.

The outgoing president, who will leave office at just 55 years old and in good health, has also promised that if Trump steps over certain lines, he will not be silent.

“I think it’s important to give the incoming administration space,” he told Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah last month.

But he added, “There may be occasions where, even in the first year, if I think core values of ours are being threatened. I mean, I’ve said this, if I thought a Muslim registry was being set up that violates the Constitution and violates who we are and would make us less safe because it’d make it easier for groups like ISIL to recruit and radicalize homegrown terrorists, I might have to say something about that.

If I saw Dream Act kids — young people who were brought here as children who are for all intents and purposes Americans — suddenly being rounded up, contrary to who we are as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants, I might have to say something about.

Some of the president’s allies are also preparing for major roles in defending Obama’s legacy. The president’s close friend and former Attorney General Eric Holder is now representing the State of California as an attorney, looking to defend that state’s liberal, Obama-style policies if they come into conflict with Trump’s goals.

A group of elected officials in blue states, including former Obama chief of staff and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, have promised to oppose Trump if he seeks the mass deportation of undocumented people that he proposed during his campaign. And young Democrats who worked as field organizers on Obama’s campaigns and lower-level aides in the White House are now exploring their own campaigns for state legislatures and other local offices.

Well, it seems clear to me: Obama needs to be deportation #1.

Send the dumb black bastard back to Africa where he belongs.