Bond Granted for Urban Youth Who Violently Raped White Female Jogger

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2020

Sure, he has more than a dozen arrests and was wearing an ankle monitor when he raped her, but the bad stuff is all out of his system now.

He wants to settle down and go to school.

Get dem diplomas.


A judge has granted bond again for a repeat offender charged with a violent crime.

Police have arrested and charged D’Shawn Garrison, 17, with numerous crimes, including rape and aggravated assault.

Garrison is currently in the Fulton County Jail, but Channel 2’s Michael Seiden learned that a judge reinstated his bond in November.

The following month, Garrison wrote a letter to his attorney saying he’s ready to get out because he wants to go back to school, get a job and fight the charges against him.

D’Shawn Garrison.

Now, the woman he’s accused of raping is fighting back.

The mother of two, who has asked us not to identify her, told Seiden that she feels like she’s being victimized again.

“It was just a vicious attack, and I think he would’ve killed me, eventually. I probably had a few more minutes left in me,” the woman said. “I kind of feel like maybe I’ve done my part and everybody else needs to do theirs now.”

The victim made those comments after Seiden sent her a court transcript from the Nov. 12 hearing in which Fulton County Superior Judge Rachel Krause set a $50,000 bond and ordered Garrsion to wear an ankle monitor while on bond.

Atlanta police say Garrison, who has more than a dozen arrests as a minor, was already out on bond on a theft charge. His victim was jogging through her Carver Hills neighborhood in broad daylight in May, when Garrison allegedly accosted her, beat and raped her.

“He was wearing an ankle monitor when he attacked me. I don’t know how many crimes this kid has to commit before they actually keep him in jail,” the victim said.

The victim isn’t identified, but she’s shown to be white in the video.

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