Bond Denied to Dindus Who Wounded Several Whites in Shooting

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 18, 2017

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South Carolina Representative Leon Howard says his niece, 26-year-old Kristie Logan, was among the eight victims of Saturday’s shooting in Columbia’s Vista district.

During the hearing, John Bates Jr. and Keveas Gallman, both 28, were denied bond. Bates is facing seven counts of attempted murder, while Gallman is facing one count on that charge. The two are also facing other related charges.

Jarvis Tucker, 26, was given $250,000 bond for the one charge he’s facing, accessory after the fact.

A fourth suspect, 22-year-old Maleik Houseal, was wounded in the shooting and is still receiving treatment at the hospital. He’s facing weapons charges, but no counts of attempted murder.

Howard, who represents part of Richland County, said his niece was hit in the knee by a bullet.

In addition to Howard’s niece, seven other people were hit by gunfire. The victims included four men and four women, who ranged in age from 22 to 52, with most of them being in their 20s.

One of other victims was a Kentucky fan who’d come to Columbia because of the USC game She was struck in the neck, and is one of those in critical condition.

One of the victims, Denise Massey.