#BombMeToo: Internet Nationalists Receive Potential Explosive Devices in Mail! Terrorist Identified!

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
October 24, 2018

Ahmed Muhammadstein – Terrorist

At first, we assumed that the series of potentially explosive devices (not one of which have actually exploded) were sent by some random operative whose handlers had figured out that he could take the the national conversation off of the migrant caravans by sending cheap, random objects to people in the mail, or placing them in offices and taking photos of them.

However, new revelations suggest that something deeper and darker is going on.

It appears that the original Bombocaust hoax was just a cover campaign to distract attention from a real campaign of hatred and terrorism against random nationalists on the internet.

I recently received my new vaporizer in the mail. Although I had ordered it and paid for it, I have since googled “vaporizer explodes” – and come to a shocking revelation.

New York Times:

An electronic cigarette exploded and killed a man in Florida this month, the authorities said, in what appears to be the first death attributed to vaping products in the United States.

I have been sent a potentially explosive device in the mail – by Chinese Communists, none the less, who as we all know are running cover for the Jewish Democrats.

I’m literally shaking.

I claim victim status.

I have satisfied the standard of evidence to be considered a victim in the current year, and if you don’t believe me, you’re basically bombing me all over again – except worse.

I’m not the only one.

Many other nationalists have been targeted.

We know that they have been targeted, because they have uploaded images of the devices that they say they received in the mail, just like CNN did.

Dems are the real terrorists.

According to this internet image, the Jews have taken credit for their vile deeds.

Potentially explosive chlorine-based cleaning product devices have been reported by people who take photos of things and upload them.

We need to take this seriously.

If someone had accidentally mixed these products with ammonia and inhaled the fumes, they might have been poisoned.

Some of these devices appeared to be designed to give the recipient diabetes.

Clearly, Boomers did this.

They’re sending potentially explosive cats.

They’re sending potentially explosive hot dogs.

They’re hitting us with potentially explosive tear gas onions.

They’re sending pandas – they’re bombing us with everything they’ve got.

And before anyone says this is a hoax –

You are not allowed to say that. You are supposed to believe me.

You are supposed to believe survivors.

I am a survivor of a potentially explosive e-cigarette that was mailed to me by Chinese Communist Jews.

We Believe Survivors.

If you have discovered a potentially explosive device that was mailed to you or which looks like it could have been conceivably mailed to you, don’t let yourself be silenced by the Jewish Democrat Terrorists.

Speak out. Your voice matters. You matter.

Let your voice be heard.