Bombing in Kabul as ISIS Takes Up the Torch of the US War Against the Taliban

ISIS continuing the war that America gave up?

No one could have predicted this.


At least two explosions, one particularly powerful, have been reported in the Afghan capital of Kabul near a military hospital in the center of the city. Witnesses claim the explosions were followed by the sounds of gunfire.

On Tuesday, multiple blasts were heard across Kabul from the Wazir Akbar Khan area of the city, near the Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan military hospital. Photos shared online appear to show plumes of smoke rising above the city.

This situation comes Tuesday after reports last week that US-trained “Afghan Army” anal warriors were joining the US-backed terrorist group ISIS.


The Taliban has long accused Washington of funding ISIS, and now they’re indirectly right, as a growing number of US-trained Afghan soldiers and intelligence officials are joining the terrorist group’s ranks to fight the Taliban.

The US spent a staggering $88 billion arming and training Afghanistan’s military, only for Afghan forces to crumble before the Taliban’s lightning fast reconquest of the country in August. Though the Taliban have promised amnesty to these personnel, stories of violent reprisals have circulated, and according to the Wall Street Journal, a “relatively small, but growing” number of former Afghan soldiers and spies are flocking to the only outfit currently resisting Taliban rule – Islamic State terrorist group.

Islamic State’s (IS, formerly ISIS) Afghan offshoot, IS-K, is eagerly absorbing these US-trained recruits. According to the former security officials and Taliban members the Wall Street Journal spoke to, some former government troops have joined for a paycheck, and others for lack of a better alternative to Taliban rule.

“If there were a resistance, they would have joined the resistance,” former spy chief Rahmatullah Nabil told the paper, adding that “For the time being, ISIS is the only other armed group.”

Though IS-K and the Taliban are both Islamic fundamentalist groups, their ideologies differ. The Taliban are a predominantly Punjabi nationalist organization with no stated goals beyond Afghanistan’s borders, and a tolerance for the country’s other Muslim sects. IS-K, by contrast, view Shiites and other Muslim sects as apostates and aim to establish a worldwide Islamic caliphate, as IS attempted to do several years ago in Iraq and Syria.

Strange coincidence…

The Afghan Military was literally built by the US to promote gay anal rimjobs and female dominance over society. Meanwhile, ISIS is a hardcore Wahhabbist terror group. The only thing these two organizations have in common is that they are backed by the United States.

In reality, if you’re the kind of person who supports ISIS, you would presumably be okay with the Taliban. They’re both doing strict Sunni interpretations of Sharia Law. The only difference is that ISIS has no clear intention to run any society, and just wants to cause bloody anarchy.

They say their goal is world domination – which puts a very low IQ cap on followers. But even if you thought a bunch of CIA-backed madmen running around chopping people’s heads off and drowning people in cages were going to take over the world, it makes zero sense that they would target first a country that agrees with them on 99% of the religious issues, but just has the goal of running a functional state.

It’s similar to the difference between America First and the Oath Keepers or Atomwaffen.