Bolton Still Rattling on About Maduro, But the Situation Seems to Have Calmed Down

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2019

Why doesn’t John Bolton just challenge Maduro to meet him in the Octagon? 

John Bolton is still going on about a terrorist type invasion of Venezuela to stop… something or other.

But overall, the situation has definitely cooled down.

In fact, Bolton is out there shilling to Breitbart.

This implies that the chief potato has indicated to him that he’s worried about what the base thinks about another regime change purely for the purposes of “freeing the people from oppression.”


Donald Trump is not kidding when he says “all options” to topple Maduro are open, National Security Adviser John Bolton said, as the Venezuelan government busted wannabe president Juan Guaido’s aide for running a terrorist cell.

“President Trump himself has been clear on this point on any number of occasions when he says all options are on the table. I think people need to understand and believe that; he’s very serious about it,” Bolton told Breitbart.

While refusing to explicitly confirm or deny whether the US is willing to arm the opposition or is mulling an all-out invasion of the country, Bolton did stress that the US has “no higher duty internationally” than to protect up to 50,000 Americans living in Venezuela from “violence and intimidation.”

So, we’ll invade the country to protect our own citizens who live there…

There have been wars over the abuse of a minority population who lives inside a neighboring country. That is actually what started WWII. Poland was abusing ethnic Germans who had gotten caught on the wrong side of the post-WWI redrawing of European borders.

But to talk about invading a country to protect ex-pats – this almost sounds like some kind of weird joke.

No, wait – in actual reality, this is the exact excuse that Ronald Reagan used to justify invading Grenada in 1983.

It’s like they have a deck of “excuse to invade countries” cards, and they’re just rolling through them.

But with Grenada, it was immediately after the Iran hostage crisis, and Reagan was able to go out there and say it was going to happen again. Plus, in 1983, the internet didn’t exist, and the media was basically able to imply that 600 American citizens already had been kidnapped.

When they found out that no one was actually ever in danger and “Americans in danger” was just a sloppy casus belli, Senators tried to impeach Reagan.

With Venezuela, you have a situation where the obvious response to this Bolton plot is “Well, if they’re in danger, they should get on a plane and leave. If they decide not to, then that’s on them.”

But Here’s the Good News

Bolton pulling out this card from the deck of tricks – and specifically throwing it at Breitbart – implies that there is focus group data showing that no one gives a shit about saving people in some foreign country from their own leader. Bolton is diabolically evil, but he’s still a comically out of touch boomer, so he clearly got the memo on a lack of support for saving people from their own governments, and thought it was brilliant to come out with “yeah but what about the Americans who live there tho?”

That’s literally the only thing you could say to make the claim that a war in Venezuela somehow benefits America.

Trump has no idea what is even going on with anything at this point.

We know that he doesn’t use the internet and his staff just prints off articles for him to read. So they choose all information he has access to, save for I guess what he sees on Twitter. I think Twitter is the only app he knows how to use.

What it looks like happened is that Pompeo and Bolton sold him the idea of doing an intervention in Venezuela would be a great distraction before the election. But someone – probably Stephen Miller – got him some data on the fact that people don’t want this.

We’ve not be hearing about it, then we see Bolton doing “come on, please you guys” to Breitbart.

I don’t think it’s necessarily off the table, but it seems to have been tabled. They had Hard Marco Rubio down there going nuts, they did that whole shitty shitshow with the trucks, and there just wasn’t anyone interested in any of it.

Alex Jones might actually be right that Trump is being poisoned.

Someone could be slipping something in his Diet Coke. Everyone who comes out really mad at him – or says that he was always planning to betray us – seems to not be paying attention to how confused he’s been for the last several months. Maybe it is just senility. Who knows.

But he’s clearly broken, and will do whatever these vipers he’s surrounded himself with want him to do.

But now that he’s proven so easy to manipulate, there are a lot of people around him who presumably want him to get reelected. I’m sure Pompeo does. Maybe he was the one who put the kibosh on Venezuela, due to a lack of an ability to sell it.

The other possibility is that China showed up after the US hacked Venezuela’s electric grid and now they just don’t want to deal with it.

I don’t know, man. The whole thing is a real mess.

They might well pull this back out of the bag at some point if they think they can make it work.


Let me just explain to you a little bit more how stupid this “we have to save Americans” bit is.

With Grenada, there were students at an American university. So it made sense who they were and why they were there, and the pretext that there was some type of crisis and they could have been kidnapped at least appeared to be a reasonable concern.

Who the hell lives in Venezuela? 

Are these alleged 50,000 “Americans” just Venezuelans with American passports?

I guess they could be sex tourists?

Or communists, who want to live the dream real communism, tried for the first time?

Whoever they are, they’re definitely people who like to live dangerously.

And I’m very certain that Maduro is making sure that nothing happens to them.

Maduro tried to expel American diplomats like two months ago, and they wouldn’t leave. And Maduro was afraid to even send the cops to escort them to the airport, because Rubio and Bolton would be out there saying he’d kidnapped and tortured them.

So I imagine if you ever wanted to take a vacation to Venezuela, now would be a great time. You’d probably have police escorting you around everywhere for free.


I’m talking myself into a vacation here, lads.

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