Bolton and Pompeo in Control of All Policy, Planning to Have a US Soldier Killed to Start Bombing Iran

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 19, 2019

Donald Trump apparently has absolutely no idea what is going on in his administration, and he is just letting it be run by the craziest people on earth.

It’s probably not going to end well.

Washington Post:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has privately delivered warnings intended for Iranian leaders that any attack by Tehran or its proxies resulting in the death of even one American service member will generate a military counterattack, U.S. officials said.

The potential for a significant military response to even an isolated event has fueled a broader internal debate among top Trump officials about whether the administration’s policy exceeds President Trump’s specific goal of preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, the officials said.

One such message about retaliation was delivered during a hastily arranged visit to Baghdad by Pompeo in May after officials detected a spike in intelligence indicating that Iran’s militia proxies might resume assaults on U.S. forces operating in proximity to them across Iraq. While such attacks were common during the Iraq War, Pompeo told Iraqi leaders in a message he knew would be relayed to Tehran that a single American fatality would prompt the United States to hit back. That specific warning has not been previously reported.

“What happens if Americans are killed? That changes the whole thing,” said a senior administration official involved in Iran policy who, like others, spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk freely. “It changes everything.”

Speaking during a visit to U.S. Central Command headquarters in Tampa on Tuesday, Pompeo said Trump “does not want war” but stressed the United States would act if assaulted. “We are there to deter aggression,” he said. Trump himself has sent mixed messages about the seriousness of Iran’s actions and how he would respond to them.

Concerns about an escalation are particularly pointed at the Pentagon, where the absence of a confirmed secretary has fueled worries that hawks in the White House and State Department could push the military beyond its specific mission of destroying the remnants of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, raising the potential for conflict with Iran.

Administration officials interviewed by The Washington Post said that national security adviser John Bolton has dominated Iran policy, keeping a tight rein on information that gets to the president and sharply reducing meetings in which top officials gather in the White House’s Situation Room to discuss the policy.

So they’re saying that if one American dies, they’ll start bombing.

And they already had some of their agents do a fake attack on boats.

It would be the easiest thing in the world to kill an American soldier to kick this party off.

The WaPo even says how they’d do it.

The biggest fear is that Iran could trigger a larger conflict if one of its proxies in Iraq or Syria fired a volley of mortar rounds or rockets at an American base and killed U.S. personnel. Such attacks were common only a few years ago. On Tuesday, Sky News Arabia reported that rockets had been fired at an area of Mosul, in northern Iraq, where U.S. military trainers are stationed. It was unclear who fired them.

This is happening.

And getting Shanahan out was apparently part of this, as the Department of Defense was much less interested in this than Pompeo and Bolton.

This is why they are sending more troops. They need more targets. They need an American body.

Then they can start bombing.

Then Iran will retaliate.

Then they will retaliate for Iran’s retaliation.

And then, soon enough, you’ve got a ground invasion of Iran.

All reports are that Trump himself doesn’t actually want this. He even called the whole boat hoax thing a “very minor” incident.

But he is clearly a weak-willed individual who has no power over anything that is going on in this government.

I’m still having a hard time believing this will actually happen.

But all signs are pointing in the same direction: Pompeo and Bolton now have free rein, and they’re going to do what they want to do, and what they want to do is start a real war with Iran for the Jews.

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